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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tig Notaro is stealing from the state of California alert

My oh my, I was prolific once. Well, readers I've found a better place to blog but I can't link it as the city attorney and the clown from Huntington beach cramp my style. The assortment of readers this blog has attracted is one for the history books. And, just so it doesn't think that it has scared me off with her criminal insanity i want to say that Tig Notaro or Matilde Notaro or whatever it is they are calling that sick thing nowadays will be exposed as a criminal and a liar till the end of time. Anyone who has fortified that beast will be brought to justice as well.  Everyone of them.

I've been very well and expect an equisite valentines day, but that will be discussed on my other blog.

Thank you blogger for letting me blog here for that part of my journey.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

must read blog post about plastic

"I think we all can agree that the war on plastic is being lost.  Gift cards and the complacene of the masses in discarding them properly has, in essence, destroyed the will of the people to recycle en masse."

Well put and Brava, Tinley Carter Maxwell! Ms. Carter Maxwell is my hero and the most respected voice currently not being silenced by plastic manufacturers.  She is an activist and a survivor(looong story) and though this blog has only added to my journey's dissapointment meter I thought it couldn't hurt to come on and do my bit to make this world more hospitable.

As my readers know I've been beset by indigence and so I can't afford a child from Kazakstan etc and so I can't really be an activist for anything but the here and now.  In other words, I don't have a child and so I can't say, " let's do it for the children or my children's generation " without it sounding artificial. Sooooooo, I'll spin it into a positive by insisting that without a future generation to worry about my mission will have a much needed immediacy.

It's working for me, at least, and my advocacy work against brita filters has finally began to reap real world rewards.  Just yesterday, I got a call from the Kroger people and there people are now instructed to say this at checkout: " Are paper bags an acceptable alternative?"  Those who have been forced out of Whole foods and have had to shop at the Kroger stores(Ralphs, Food For less, others that I forget) know that for the longest time this was what they were to expect at checkout: " Is plastic ok?"

Law students and lawyers and viewers of tv and movies will recognize that as  the leading question it is.
Studies now show that this question led to patrons(who otherwise could be influenced) just saying, "yeah."  Studies show that 8 out of 10 consumers weren't sure if saying no, in this instance, would cause the checkout lady to consider them, " uptight" or "crunchy granola tree hugging dweebs" and there are no studies as to what these checkout people were really thinking and in so many words... it was a MESS -- ESSENTIALLY.

Yeah, I'm screaming. Now, that studies show that spanking is best I'm thinking that screaming might be ok too. Alisa has just texted  me this in reference to this post, " Spanking and screaming by way of media savvy experts and stupid ass studies." 
She needs to meditate and I've just texted that to her. Oh, now she's writing something and I need to go and find a way to get rid of her whilst(half brit here) avoiding any angry outbursts.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Howdy Blogosphere,

I think the word "howdy" seems like a funner way to adress my audience. Though i am strictly a non denominational secularist I do feel a bit caught up in some spirit or cheer and i blame it on the songs that I hear when I shop.
As my intimates know I was away at a self actualization seminar sponsored by the new age indigence fund. In other words, I was able to go and strive further to become whole for no funds, and for that I am so very grateful.  this is the most awesome of groups and though I still feel only approximately 3/5 whole I just know it's a matter of time till I regain the state of okayness that I had just 3 short years ago.  Please donate to this fund. I can't guarantee it LOL but I'm pretty sure it will fullfill your karma quota. Around holiday time, that can't hurt, right?
I've mostly been on facebook and twitter and linkd and bebo and hulu and reddit and metafilter and and and likemindedlookup and I've been posting passionately on the Huffington post since my return(December 2nd) - basically just networking up a storm as my e-book sales have suffered mightily due to this danged recession and I've been feeling isolated since I found out that the offline folks I've considered friends have fatal to friendship personality disorders. Yuck.
I guess I feel bad that I've "abandoned" this blog as it has offered such refuge in such dire times. I think it's sort of wrong to just treat this like myspace and just move on so aggressively. I guess this is a swan song, per se, but at the same time a chance to re-introduce myself to a blog that has been so very kind.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Commons sense solutions to hand sanitizers?

reading regaining solvency in seven steps but I can't concentrate:

I’m very disappointed with my self . I’ve been on a raw foods diet since last Wednesday and yesterday I shared a woodfired pizza and a cabernet with an old friend--  not a friend that I know for long but an old friend as in an 87 year old woman I just met at a free non aggressive boxing class. That was bad enough – going off the raw food diet I’d planned to keep till January-- but then I guess the cabernet hit me very strongly and right after I dropped my old friend at the new age nursing home I thought I’d call it a night. I woke up with a headache my hardwoods covered in candy wrappers.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a brownout rather (I’m half brit) a blackout and I remember my door bell ringing and two small things dressed as balloon boy and some new fangled vampire and then I remember a sweet tooth so ferocious and that I forgot to buy candy for the neighborhood children this year… then I remember a children’s scream and a plastic covered hand pulling, resisting, insistent... and you can figure the rest out. This happened when it was just turning dark outside and now it’s morning so I’m feeling more and more secure that the police weren’t called. If indeed they do come I will promise to return the candy and even buy the children more candy . I can’t identify the children so maybe the police having their contact info will be the best outcome as I can make amends.

I just saw a clickable link that says, “ people misusing hand sanitizer.” And I got all fired up with another e-book idea. Unfortunatly the link didn’t work so I don’t yet know exactly what ill can come of such misuse but it sure can’t hurt to have a helping hand and I’ve been using hand sanitizer since before it became a household name.

I doubt sex is involved in this hand sanitizer misuse, I'm now aroused. damn it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

checking in

The cosmos has been treating Tarra very oddly. Alisa installed some tracker and it seems that despite all my sharing of my journey this blog is not well read, to put in mildly.

There was a misconception that this blog was some satire and that led to confusion. I assure you that I am as earnest as a womyn can be. I don't know....

As you might know I'm almost finished with my E-book titled"do it yourself sweat lodge." I'm on the last chapter and I'm trying to include something about the Sedona incident without seeming to exploit the terrible tragedy. Mr. Ray was an inspiration to me back in my days of affluence and I even volunteered to hand out pamphlets at his " Journey into Wealth management" seminar. He wanted me to donate to him but my money was all tied up with Bernie at the time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

paraphrased lyrics what a hoot

An oldie but a goodie:

Where have all the comments gone, long time passing, where have all the comments gone long time ago.

Peter Paul and Mary?

Will google that later. Was it Joan Baez?

Fern Mcfern is being targeted by a brewing scandal and I'm not feeling so hot myself. Just stopping by to touch base with my reticent readers. LOL.

Monday, October 12, 2009

still maintaining an identity as a blogger

Hi. Very awesome week and feeling very greatful that I didn't die those many times I went to sweat lodges. I use to be addicted to those when I was affluent.  I used to really feel as if I was a Cherokee goddess after one of those and that my perspiration was filled with the sins of my forefathers and was now used to nourish the sacred land of the Hopi. That's what we were encouraged to feel and it felt good. 

I've been healing at a steady pace and hearing that my former life coach is now living in Livermore on disability has cheered me up immeasurably.

I've been online dating and a fiery chicana and I have been connecting somewhat. She is not vegan and though she says she's vegetarian she slipped up once and mentioned a yummy clam chowder . It could have been imitation clam but she had presented herself as vegan and then half way through our communication it was clear that she was mistaken and didn't realize that milk and eggs were a no no. I don't know. She's quite articulate and well versed in Far eastern philosophies but she is a bit materialistic and seems dissapointed that I am indigent. 

We'll see. She gives great hugs or so she told me by e-mail. We haven't yet met as she lives in Michigan and I've been hospitalized soooo...

I'm just happy to feel like a womyn again and that I didn't die tragically while in the midst of self actualization.

Bye for now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

warning feature

too much cork in the merlot at the 99 cents store.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

severe lifestyle challenges etc.

You can hear an echo in here. LOL.
I've been busy trying to make friends since many of those I called friends didn't call me when I was in the intensive care unit with a shredded hand. Not a one from my various book club, farmers market funding societies, or vegan potluck associations sent a card! I got a call from my family but I didn't take it because my therapist convinced me of their toxicity. A raw food entrepeneaur sent me an invite to a gala but it costs 400 dollars and so I can't go.
Major re-processing must be done and it's not easy when your hand gets all kind of strange pains and money really doesn't grow on trees.

I keep singing that sad song from the musical ,"hair, " How can people be so heartless...."  you know the one where it kind of insults the liberal and how he only cares about causes and not people.  I also keep singing the free credit report dot come song and I resent that.

I'm being really ungrateful. I'm so sorry. I just needed to vent here and as my readers know I haven't had the funds for my therapist since Bernie Madoff stole my fortune.

I've joined 4 social networking groups and let's hope meaningful connnections result, you guys.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Acai Berry's are vastly overrated

I am back and  I feel whole and well again. At least, I'm pretty sure I'm whole and well. I sure devoured every book I could get my hands(hand, really) on at the wellness/wholeness section of the independently owned Cradle to Grave bookstore in Guerneville.
 I'm pretty sure I feel whole but now I don't feel centered.  Godess, seems to be putting thumbtacks on my journey's path but that just makes me raise the volume on my I pod when Desree or Mary J. Blige come on.

Basically, my injured hand only throbs at night and I have to apply compresses occassionaly( please see previous posts that discuss my hand issue)

It's great to be back and it's awesome that I now learned who my real friends are. I'm energized rather than deflated about that now and plan on some concentrated friend making. I need to find locales and groups that are conducive to deep and lasting friendships. Thank godess for Google. Now I just to find the right keywords etc. Hmmm. Let me go get my thinking cap. LOL.

So much to gab about but my hand is already starting to feel WIERD so I'm just here to warn other like minded womyn about the perils of Acai berry.

When pomegranate didn't cure my agorophobia I made the mistake of putting all my eggs in the Acai berry basket and let's just say that all I got was a fridge full of Acai products and greenish gray stools to show for it.  I have to go(the hand) but I plan to expose Acai berry in a very incisive way. I think I will try to get this blog to have a more activist tone in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ms. Slovan if you're nasty

Came on to blog about my new love affair but saw a typo that spelled "professional" as "Prossenial", and I got super mortified and my hand in between started to tingle in this disgusting way and so I'm just here to strictly touch base today.

Want to say: I still really think that the color and template for my blog were spot on(half brit here!)and that I deserve a more lively(but respecful) comments section.
Thanks to all those that have supported my blog through this catastrophic time. Fern Mcfern said that if I talk about Jeremy Sisto I'll get some hits but that is so dishonest and I simply am not aware of who that is and you will not hear me mention Jeremy Sisto in this blog. Fern McFern(Alisa changed her names for good reason- false stalking accusations from some insane imbecilic stranger with an adorable nickname etc).

Fern's a pain in my tooshie but she's a proud person and this has made her an overheated recluse. She can't even blog in peace and she was told by a birdie that the city attorney reads her blog-- surely hoping that she transforms into what they need her to be for their highly stupid purposes-- some rabid irrational cursing thing-- now I'm sure they wait for her to make threats at public officials and I'm just saying that Godot and Moshiach will come first. I doubt the city attorney will get what that means but I can't be bothered. I don't want to be rude to city workers but from what I've seen you have treated Fern very terribly and I will be a witness.

Need to say: Sorry, feeling to fragile to risk lots today

Monday, September 14, 2009

healing and wellness- major typo fixed

My hand is healing but I still get sad when I realize that the same time last year I could have hired a professional healer and would probaby be tip top by now.

The wellness clinic called and I was rude to them because they only call to find out about the status of my "debt" and never inquire about how well I am etc.

Just read that Scott Boxenbaum who's dad got him an awesome website is a major Democrat/liberal and that concerns me as Fern Mcfern plans to sue him by October, and I want him to have all his money to donate to liberal causes.

My hand is throbbing and a co blogger is texting me. Must be more cautious with multitasking ugh.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm not dead thank you very much

I'm fine! The first day I feel better and it's 9/11 and a noncompatible moon.

can't wait to play catch up after I get the use of my hand back~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ACAI is for real unlike the pomegranates

Acai is awesome. I'm better and I apologize to those who's comments were not read because of issues with the browser. Alisa was experimenting with a bit torrent and ever since challenges have cropped up that have preventing me from blogging.

Again I apologize and hope that my readers have not left for good.

I'm quite busy as I've begun growing herbs again and basil requires constant attention.

I just came on to say hi to you giss (still struggling with my you guys problem. sigh) and to highly reccomend acai as it has renewed my desire to go on living(long story) Don't want to be TMI so I'll stop there and wish you all peace and love and access to gourmet etc.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

I think Alisa has messed with my comments section

My comment section must be broken. I have over 260 facebook and twitter friends and there is no way that none of them is worried about where I have gone or if I have died.

They sure should have worried as all this time I've been hanging on to dear life. I had gluten poisoning. Remember how I told this blog that I wasn't indeed allergic to gluten. Well, it turns out that I am and that doctors don't at all neccessarily know what they hell they are doing. So, i ate all kinds of treats irrespective of gluten and I passed out and was in a state of near death. I was too weak to even type and that sucks.

Anyway, catch up feels overwhelming. My lifestyle has changed so since we last "spoke." I now shop almost exclusively at the 99 cents story and am writing an e-book called, " below the poverty line and loving it." It's going to put a really postive spin on indigence and detail how I've been mananging to live luxuriously on 23 dollars a day. Of course, that doesn't include rent and utilities but that's for another book when I lose the house and try to stay cheerful in a much less cozy one.

As my readers know I was affluent all my life. Money was just no object due to a great grandfather who I'd never met but still saw fit to fund my life. But, just when I'd reached my middle years Mr. Bernie Madoff made away with most if not all of my money. The story can be found on the blog as repeating it only causes me to shake all over.

Now my Napa Cottage, my purchasing of only organic food, and my sanity have all been compromised. Tarra didn't know she had it in her but she has turned this into an E-book and is hopeful that this one will launch her back to the upscale lifestyle in which she has grown accustomed. It will discuss how costly gluten free products are and how very wrong that is and how I plan to get legislation on this as soon as I recover fully. It will discuss a lot but you will have to buy it to find out. LOL.

I have much to complain about regarding my webmistress, Alisa, and shall do so when I return.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trying to stay positive as I suffer

My comment section must be on the FRITZ. I've been away and very very ill and I just can't understand why more likeminded vegan lesbian antiheterosexist probiotic individuals haven't seen fit to come and say, "Hi"

I really am saddened by the lack of support as I lead a life of stressed out indigence.

My sport drink says it's prebiotioc and I'm excited. So now probiotic macrobiotic anti biotic and now Prebiotic! I'm hoping that this will do the trick and I won't ever again again sick. Sickness sucks! LOL.

Awesome variety of biotics and I think if I keep paying such keen attention I will be fine.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

link working?

link test and articles sent by alisa|htmlws-main|dl3|link6|

Alisas mom is not all that!

Oh mi God, Alisa is pressuring me again to admit that her mothers is "the cutest thing that ever lived" and I just don't get it.

She is ooohing and ahhhing about how her mother just told the person on the phone that she is vidow and that she called her doctor, dr. dis(rather than the whole name as she just calls most things this and that(dis and dat) nowadays. Alisa is aggresively hugging her mother now while her mother is on the phone which I think is rude and now she has just sucked on her mothers eye which is worse than rude... I think I'm going to start taping what her mother says on the phone and try to carefront alisa about how her mother isn't all that.

I hated my mom.


better business beareau or rip off report?

I don't like to sound aggressive but... I just ripped a cashier a new asshole. I'm in L.A again and it turned out I wasn't allergic to gluten much less whey so my budget again doesn't permit only organic. So, I had to get kitty food at Ralphs and almost got tricked into buying into their buy 10 and get something like 5 dollars off deals. I've been burned by those before. Anyhow, back to me reaming out that damned cashier. "Is plastic okay?'
I wouldn't know what exactly to say last year but now I know that that is a leading question and I can object!

Is plastic Ok is not a yes and no answer and that cashier is trying to make it real hard to say, "hey, that's not ok." And, I suspect that is why clothe bags are still the exception rather than the rule and that is why my stress level is out of control before lunchtime and it is why I am more in need of a life coach than ever and can't get over how badly the interviews have been going. More about that later and more about how I found out that gluten is not an issue etc.

But, now I need to finish up my e-mail to Ralph's and get that cashier fired(or even jailed) and then loads of concentrated breaths as I'm pretty sure my heart just palpitated.

p.s I must have been really out of touch cuz I just learned about Acai berry and feel the wings of rational expectation flapping again. Sure, I'm well aware of possible dissapointment and am still getting over the goji berry hoax. Still, natural cures are a passion of mine and I'll keep trying.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Los Angeles legal blog coming soon

I just realized that in some post I misspelled hemp panties as hemp patines. Totally different! Sorry!

Anyhow, I back in L.A and coming to terms with my gluten issue and very possible dry eye, and the fact that Los Angeles is a very corrupt and sick city.

I read this on and it's kind of negative but I enjoyed it. The writer might have rightous indignation issues and might need to uncover a memory to get past that but I guess I'm just temporarily a judgemental individual and think that this is a must read.


"my godess what a cesspool is L.A. Actually cesspool seems too mild. Los Angeles is sick and the legal system is grotesque. Los Angeles is a douche bag in a cesspool that adjoins a shithole.
Taxpayers, you tax money is being stolen by stupid corrupt punks, and inhumanity is a relentless presence when some freak like Tig Notaro stuffs you into the legal system because she's as rotten and stupid as it gets. Some ugly dried out stranger has targeted me and We refuse to lose. Many cops here are corrupt, the city attorney is corrupt, Judges are nightmares,lawyer hatred is earned, and all the dregs are sending me on a journey that makes me want a grandchild (without the fuss of a child)cause the stories, the stories. There may be such a thing as bad knowledge or at least I know that this new knowledge is painful. I didn't know this and I don't want to know that there are people walking amongst us that are monsters-- Nazis. My darling family and I, for reasons unknown, have been bombarded by monsters. And, sure, the use of the word "Monster,' or "evil" may appear as "hyperbole" and might imply lunacy, but those words were created for a reason and Nazis were very real and I am and will probably always be-- very very sane.

The legal system is stranger and worse than anyone can imagine and I plan to activate myself to really do something to change it. Knowledge is power. That's true. "

But, the big picture is what I see and the dregs won't win against decency and humanity and that is what the dregs will face. No need to mention that the dregs left scummy footprints everywhere and those will be enough to ... eventually. Ah, eventually."

Friday, July 10, 2009

late in life gluten resistance experiences

Just learned that I too can't tolerate gluten and so I had to splurge at the Whole Foods. It is the only purveyor of a full line of gluten free frozen dinners and I feel sad that somehow my body is just rejecting gluten but I feel glad that I can go back to Whole Foods and not feel that guilty. I still get my rosemary an quinoa chiabatta at the wholesale whole foods online but it's been weird but good to be shopping with my kind of people once more. Not a plastic bag in sight and workers who are trained in a subtle yet effective way to make you feel that plastic is not an OPTION. I'm particularly enamored by the clothe bag they have for only $14.95 that says " visualize a landfill." Yay.

Alisa my Webmistress has been rehired as I got some funds from my great aunt and I just couldn't juggle all my projects without her help. I can wear many hats but that was just one hat that... was too much. So, bare with me as I still will be forced to vent about her on this blog.
She is stranded in Los Angeles and can't leave till she fixes everything up which is ...whatever. She seems to judge me harshly, doesn't read this blog while working on it, and yet she emailed me just yesterday telling me how the Bruno poster with the yellow lederhosen is on absolutely every bus stop on Santa Monica Blvd, and it's so funny because it literally is mocking 89 percent of those who stroll or drive by that boulevard.

That's her verbatim-- I copied and pasted it etc.

I do not know who bruno or is nor am supportive of her tendency to make mock.

Running out of steam... I suppose it's more lively in Twitter. It feels that lots are still just twittering and still maintaining a presence on Facebook and that's just great but I do like to sometimes just ramble and so I plan to keep blogging as my show of support for blogs. I accidentally wandered into Myspace last Thursday and I just hoped on set my privacy prefences so no once could see me. Ha. Just kidding, but Myspace has really just tanked and online social networkers have shown to be a savvy yet fickle bunch.

Just saw that Carol Leifer is family. Yay again. I never much thought about her pinging or not but now that I see her it's so APPARENT.

Ms. Leifer has life partner and an adopted baby and I want to dedicate this blog to her and to all the late in lifers who stopped hanging in the closet so to speak. Har.

I will tell my coming out story soon so make sure you check in soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alisa is right sometimes

I'm really starting to undertand what Alisa is getting at when she says that we should remove all the smart genius computer types from the online because the offline hasn't been fixed. I was forced to concede Alisa's point when I got this after trying to put up another hit counter.

"Invalid Query: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '+ 1 where = admin.activelinktype' at line 1"

Now, whomever can figure this out should be able to figure out cancer and slow elevators and even traffic . So, I'm going to side with Alisa for once and try to lure the online masters to help out with the offline world as it is too full of issues to ignore. Again yesterday I had a craaaaaaving for cold cuts and as a vegan I can only get veggie cold cuts in Novato but they are yummy and I had time and gas so... Anyway, I waited for approximately a minute for each cut of cold cut and I order a pound so it was slice thin... In other words, I was there for a loooong time. And, I got home and was really passionate about the idea that if there is 3 G network on a moving phone with APPs, than we should upgrade our meat, cheese, and vegan cold cut slicing machines.

I just got a comment from Rose who is inviting me to post on Huliq and I guess that's awesome but I'm not sure ,as it certainly doesn't promise any immediate cure to my indigence issues. But it did give me a marketing concept ... "Hits don't hurt"

Get it? You know how in domestic violence and other related violence behaviours there is the rightful(!!!) beleif that hits hurt. Well, this is different because when blogs get hits it is the opposite of that. I hate it when I realize I could have been a marketing guru but didn't follow that path. I still even haven chosen a path but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to hire a new life coach and ....

Drop the new widget, great old geeks, and FOCUS in on Terminal diseases etc.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Los Angeles is a retard and the LAPD is the dregs of the pits

So the LAPD spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to wrongfully prosecute Michael Jackson and now millions to bury him completely. What a nutty town this is. I'm here again in Los Angeles for court but it's been postponed because of this death celebration. I try to be peaceful and postive but I have quietly given the finger to this idiot city many times just this morning.

L.A is asking for public donations!!!

Earthquake. Woohoo. Earthquake!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pro blog activism and things

I've just noticed some strange score on my blog. 71.5???? What is that about, you geese.

Having a hard time breakilng my "you guys" habit and also some other habits but whatever.

Just saw an article called "Blogs are dead" and I was bummed but then defiant right after. I realized too that there is no such thing as a facebooker or a twitterer so blogs can't die as they are the only cyber form that gives one and identity. It's kind of like crime. Why bother committing a misdemeanor when there is no such identity afforded i.e the felon.

I walk around Los Angeles just staring at things and if some one where to be so confrontational as to ask me "what are you looking at?" I'd say "I'm a blogger. I was going to write a review of this place or whatnot and..."

I've just recently added "blogger" to my identity politics and so I'm going to keep blogging, you geese.

I've come online to warn others of a multitasking accident that happpened to my friend last year. She was so hectic and all that she threw fireworks on the grill and hot dogs in the air last fourth of July. No one was killed but it was very awkward. So, please realize that multitasking is great but there are issues and caution is best.

I gave Alisa a pink slip... LOL. that sounds different that i mean.I haven't fired her yet but plan to. It's just that instead of driving all the way to the goodwill I gave her a pink slip that I don't need since I haven't worn a skirt in so long that the chances that will ever again are NIL.

She doesn't wear skirts either, as far as I know, but she always things she'll start up an ebay business someday so she took it and I hope for her sake she is able to sell it someday. She doesn't seem very good at making profitable decisions. Trust me, not all jews are rich. Trust me.

Got to marinate the tofu dogs and defrost the non whey buns but I do plan on doing my part to keep bloggers apart of this nation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What was it about Facebook that allowed me to do that?

Oh, that wasn't even Alisa bugging me via assorted communication devices, but her sister. I can't tell those two apart. Turns out that Alisa is sleeping as evidenced by her retarded blog that I won't link you to as I don't support it. She is so obviously obsessed with Oprah and Oprah wouldn't even let her stay in one of her schools if she was an African Orphan whose clitoris was stolen by a Muslim . Alisa is soooo transparent...

I'm reading a strange article in my just out(!)" yoga matt daily""and it's about how a very kewl lady found her center and refocusued two stray chakras after being fired from the advertising biz. She went to all the great schools blah blah, had lifestyle plus and then one day, she had this idea that she tried to pitch as a music video as she was trying to branch out creatively. And, it was this parody of the Anti Drug PDF's or PDA's, what here those Public ... PSA's YES. Anyhoe, it was a parody of those " A mind is a terrible thing to waste" PSAs and it was this TLC video where the last scene had Lisa Left eye Lopes morphing into Jeffrey Dahmer and the last shot has her reaching into a freezer where there's a medium sized package and Lisa Left Eye Lopes is now Dahmer... right... and she reaches for this frozen package and on the screen, " A mind is a terrible thing to taste." and then Lisa Left Eye Lopes is seen eating a brain. Sick. Stupid. But, this was an adverstising exec who had paid more than her share of dues. Still, soon after Lopes died tragically and they blamed it on this adverstising lady and then Music Videos went out of style completely and this womyn's center was very much off kilter, so to speak, after she was disgraced like she was. Needless to say, this happened last decade, but still this womyn really fell to pieces. The really inspiring thing is that she was just about to give up on Yoga and was sure that she'd never meet the right Swami or do the downward dog just right when her last and most important epiphany happened. I'm not sure if epiphany is the right word for it but the article basically discussed how she just "let go" and started supplementing and/or implementing kundalini poses while maintaining an Ashtanga mindframe, and she was much better or even OK.

So, this totally got me inspired for the coming day and the holiday weekend. To be honest, I was bumming out cuz this time last year my fourth of July was already planned and I had a life partner to share it with as well as a new set of Garden Shears. We got together with a bunch of the womyn who shareown the pomegra nite cafe in Petaluma and we BBQ's some squash and Tofu Franks and it was pretty damned Purrfect. I purposesly wrote purrfect as back then my cats weren't caught in a toxic spiral of negativity( Blanche inspired abandonement issues ) This year, it's looking as if it's just me and a Casa Blanca Pinot and two two quart boxes of Ben and Jerry's. One is Cherry Garcia and one will be Rimbaud Raisinet fudge. According the the B and J website, BenandJerry', that flavor is coming out TONITE so that's why I still haven't gotten it yet. I lost those garden shears too . Dang it!!!

I might invite a much caliente barrista that I've been scoping . She works part time ( Monday from 12-3, Tues- 1-6, Wed. 3-8PM and so on) at Java Junos. It's this funky modern sort of upscale hole in the wall that has much caliente.... cofeee. Yep, that's right that's why Tarra wears her androgen laced patchouli there every single time. BIG GRIN. SNERK.

I'll pretend I need her to come by and fix my my latte machine. If she stays then I'll have a boatload of soy appetizers ready for after sex. If the sex goes Tantric ,I'll have to buy an extra tin of altoids. I better get going.

I really don't want to spend this much needed vacation in the dumps so I'm not going to entertain the kinds of hopelessly eroticized sensations that find their way into my soul and mind and hemp panties during these unsure times.

How are you all today, Gays! I've sworn off the patriarchy in a more committed way and can't use the word "guys" so I'm going to use that until I wean myself off of it. Please remind me if I screw up cuz I want to CHANGE. Or is " Geese" a more controversy free way to go? Again, I am totally desirious of feedback.

Dang! The ben and jerry's site is down and it's looking like I'll have to pre-order with a Credit card if this keeps up. I am now paying like triple Usury fees and Dang. Anyone know when that site will be working again.

Please tweet me at TSLove. Newbies welcome as I'm really ANXIOUS!

20 minutes after I began this post and nearly forgot it behind the still dead Ben and Jerry's site.

Alisa is AWAKE! Aaargh. Every since that Super duper Toxic duo made her all banned an banished she's been sending me her terrible jokes. She just IMed me this.... "He was a moonwalking trainwreck whose message t's didn't get the message when..."

Dang. I need to change my numbers the minute our work relationship ENDZ. Then, I better go back to the fake name I used on Myspace but felt compelled to make my real name on FACEBOOK.

bye, gays.

I missed you guys

Pretty low turnout at the Free Iran bloggeresr Unite sponsored potluck. At last count (and a day later) only 7 individuals, and 3 are the types to just bring Shasta Soda and pretend they had some trauma that makes it "okay."
Then if that's not enough I took a lunesta and had the weirdest nightmares. I dreamt that just as the Iranian Revolution took off again Madonna got into a princess diana level car crash and this stanched this awesome revolution yet again. Then I had like a hundred and 20 other freaky nightmares- that Adam Rich from Eight is enough kind of never got much taller and had drug problems and so did Danny from the partridge family but he got tall enough and that farrah fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day and this caused "newsroom chaos," and in referring to to Micheal Jackson, Geraldo said "His spending problems should stop now that he's ... dead" . I woke up in a lukewarm sweat and swore off that damned lunesta. Trippy stuff and I just can't handle trippiness so well anymore.

Then I had a dream that I made this joke on stage and killed, " He was as wrinkled as Methusellah's sharpei." Then this dream/nightmare had be blogging about it and then Alisa, who is now in the process of being fired by me, wrote a poem about Farrah Fawcett and wasn't even ashamed and then she wrote to Fuzz that they were bozos and wasn't afraid one bit. In this nutso dream she bucks herself up by pretending that she has a terminal disease.

Woohoo. Nostradamus we need you. Why? Because Farrah did pass. THAT WAS REAL, you guys. Of course an Iranian revolution being quelled by a celebrity issue(however serious!) was just a dream but I still am curiuos what Nostradamus would think as of late. Anyone have his contact info?

Tons of issues and activities have transpired since we last "spoke" but if I covered them all I'd look like a NEEDY MANIAC. Har. As it stands, since twitter I've been feeling really long winded over here and haven't promoted this blog for months. If you google Tarra Slovan you'll see the last time I tried to branch out visa vis blog concerns.

I guess I really don't have anything great to tell you guys but touching base is always good and I'm not under any impression that this blog is toxic so I'm good to go, you guys.

Yesterday, I asked Alisa via text what her red flags where in relationships and she texted back(it took like 3 hours as her fingers are large and her phone keyboards small) that her pet peeve is people who are all about their pet peeves and who say things like "What are your red flags in relationships." she went on and on but that's all I cared to read. Delete. Punch. Enter. Red Flag AY LURT. Har.

So, I thought I escaped her but then she's written me an e-mail(bigger keyboard, much less time but still....) and she's going off like for threeeeeeeeeee pagesssssssz on this topic. She starts talking about the awful fling that said stuff like " Own your shit" and how person turned out to be one big stinky red flag and she wishes she cut all ties after the awful ex fling apologized for using therapyspeak one too many times. She's not like obsessed with this awful ex fling but since the awful fling has forced her to have court dates every month it's NORMAL to bring her up in conversation once in a while-- or so Alisa just I'Med me this very minute!!!!!!!!!. When Blanche took our drama to the animal custody courts I too opened myself up to the accusation that I was "obsessed" everytime I mentioned her toxic ass. I joked that if I was obsessed I'd be much more pernicious and prolific. I love P words but they just made me remember that I once again used the word, "person." in the latter sentence somewhere. It really wasn't the latter or the former sentence but somewhere in the middle, I think. Too busy to check. But, anyway, so I again used "person" and I realized that I forgot again that Person is sexist and that it should be Perdaughter if anything or Walletdaughter for that matter. Everyday as of late ,I get assualted with how sexist our languages is and I pig out on wasabi nuts due to the stressors. Those are so YUM.

I hope that might spur some likeminded perdaughter to come here and share with me there favorite snacks when under stress! C'mon, you guys(oh shit. SEXIST) you know how it is to be a womyn.

I'm not one for observations as I find them sort of NEEDY but Alisa wants me to tell you this verbatim, " They really try to jazz up sushi, don't they... with rock and roll allusions. Ha. Jazz. Rock and Roll.. "

I just told her that my battery is dying and that I haVe shut off all my communication devices. She'd have to be totally clairvoyant to ever find out and she is not, thank godess.
But, she'll find a way to piss me off sometime today. I can't wait till my new life coach(loooong story) starts next week and takes care of Alisa for me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iranian Revolution plug

Billy Mays passed today and so did the Iranian Revolution if something death affirming doesn't happen there soon.

Bloggers unite is sponsoring a support day tomorrow, but I just can't wait to lend my suppport and I hope they aren't angry with me. When the coroners report comes back with Michael Jackson's death reason, I'm sure that you can start up again. Remember, human rights rock and Burkahs suck and I just hope one day you can walk around with your hair showing if not flowing. I have a short lesbian hairstyle but I still cherish my right to show it and to wear shorts and an ultra comfortable sandals. Not to mention a tank top tho I'm quite heavy in the arms.

I'm a little stressed out that Obama is writing letters to the Jackson family while Iranians are being violated and murdered etc. I guess he doesn't like to meddle. I totally respect that and I too think the Iranians should have their space, but it appears that not meddling killed the revolution. We'll see. Calm waters preceded the tsunami, as they say.

It's like a major death week, isn't it?Death everywhere and weird ones all. Carradine hanging with a shoelace on his manhood, Anal Cancer for a Charlies Angel, Michael Jackson dropping dead and usurping Farrah's moment, and then Billy Mays...

I feel like pretty soon I'll be stuck with Miley Cyrus and the gangs from the tv teen shows and just feel like a relic. LOL.

this following a bunch of other mysterious deaths(Vegas guy, Lucy Gordon)

Sigh. I'll just try to compartmentalize it and then process it, and hope that no one dies till next month.

Stay safe, you guys, and pleeze join bloggers unite to lend your voice to a very possibly awesome revolution in Iran. The word "awesome" is still with us but not as much. I love it. Alisa my webmistress won't even be friends with those who say "awesome" and I think that's BIZZARRO. She lets me use the word because she doesn't consider me a friend but the other day I heard her sister telling her how this friend of hers has been using that word and they both were just ready to cut someone loose based on that???? Whatever.


PLeeze before you buy a kindle investigate it's effects on our envirornment.

"He grabbed his crotch, and no one said anything. It was obscene. Why didn't anyone say anything."

Back at Alisa's again for court and her mother just said this and I don't get how insensitive she could be at this time. When Noam Chomsky dies she better not say things like that!~

Just heard the plastic alert on NPR and Malibu California has outlawed plastic bags. YAY. I'm now trying to find out if Kindles are earth friendly. Methinks they are not!

Alisa's mother just said this about ed mcmahon.

"The news just said they'd talk about him but they ended up only talking about Michael. What was Ed Mcain really, but a second hand rose?"

I need to be done with this family by the time my heros start to pass on!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Rolling in grave with humble pie, poor farrah!

Top searches on AOL

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

frozen yogurt is awesome but it shouldn't be followed per se

I adore cantaloop frozen yogurt. Do Not get me wrong. But, I got something in the mail from them today and it says in so many words that I should follow them on Twitter. I just got so uptight about that as I am starting to feel as if I'm following others on twitter blindly.

And, I just can't see what frozen yogurt can say on a regular basis. I suppose a blog where once a month they put up a coupon or talk of a new flavor or topping but I will have to be rude and reject their offer to follow them on Twitter.

What else? Hmmm. Lots, I guess. But, mainly have had it up to here with Alisa(she does my blog upkeep and webwork) and have cut ties with her(Looooong story) and am hoping that I figure out how to maintain this blog without her help very soon. She's agreed to work with me today so tommorow this place might be a MESS. LOL.

Got to have a snack and a cat nap before a marathon sex session with my new lady, Lil Lozenge.

Happy tummy trails,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sally Field is really taking charge of her osteoathritis

I just am not happy with the readership of this blog. I was sure that my earth positive energy and commitment to commemorating all days of infamy would return me to the life of leisure and organic produce that I'd come to expect.

My webmistress is sabotaging me as she is too "busy" to promote my blog as she is beign falsely accused by some losers. I don't mean "losers' in that way like... some elementary school thing but like... they will lose. Well, they actually are losers in all ways but they've been getting away with a lot and that is changing. Alisa's sister is very married to the term, " the worm has turned" and uses it to excess imho.

Alisa acts at the turning worm and the smell of astroburger and donut sneaks into my nostrils and I just want to SCREAM. But, I'm not a screamer so I just submerge my rage and hope that it leaves with my perspiration. I don't know if anyone notices this and if they do if they should but there is literally a donut shop/dealer/store in virtually every mini malls in the Los Angeles Area. And, there are many many minimalls!!!

I wish they made veggie filled donuts but since they don't I just am bewildered as to why so many donut shops exist here and how I never hear anyone talking about getting donuts or wanting donuts enough to justify this massive amount of donut vendors. Poetry month is coming to a close and I haven't been able to post poems because of Alisa's inability to time manage well enough to help me out.

I will make it up to you guys ASAP.

I've been glued to Twitter and the reports out of Iran. The sense of in the moment opression has been great for Twitter and the Iranian people methinks.

As much as I hate hate hate this country and its hegemonious patriarchy I must admit that it's probably better here than there except that there they are more exoticly swarthy which i think is great and better then us pasty Colonialists or that's what I just want to express and apologize if I've done so poorly. I'm distracted as I am being IM'd and texted by two debt harrassers. Once they see the stalking charges I'll get filed,they will hopefully stop.... In a sense it is domestic violence when someone calls my house and insists I pay for services or leaves me mail with that "message." I understand that city attorney's will always just go along with that so I'm hopeful. HMMMM, I've got to go and put in a bar complaint. Ha ha. Not that kind of bar complaint... I'm not a problem drinker.... I swear...I mean a bar complaint in the legal sense cuz Tarra found out that the fun is just beginning...

bye, you guys, and don't be too surprised if you see some pics added this weekend.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Friday, June 12, 2009

My webmisstress should be restrained but I"m too soft hearted, arrgh.

DISGUSTING. I just got a nasty text from Alisa, my webmistress. She does a really good job saving my posts and adding the occassional enclosure link but this recent text has just.... just..... I'm basically steaming, you guys.

She told me that she thought Letterman was looking and acting like a simple minded old womyn. she didn't text "womyn" either and wrote it like this "woman" and she damn well knows how that riles me.

Then she send me to her blog and there is some rambling post about this matter and I'm just want my prosperity back so bad so I can get a better webmistress.

I've set up two interviews with prospective life coaches today and I'm ever hopeful. I've been selling enough of my homemade carpaccio at the farmers market and so I can sort of afford a life coach for the next two or so months. And, it is appearing to be an expense that I can't afford to skimp on. Yesterday, I bought a new calender and a boatload of post its and when I got home I realized that the calender was from last year and that the sticky stuff on the post its was almost unsticky. Alisa showed no concern as she told me that when you get stuff at the 99 cents store that might happen.

Cross your fingers for me you guys as another corrupt life coach will be the END of ME.

Alisa just texted me again and this time she was trying be friendly and was telling me how her sister now has three habits that she finds amusing. Whatever.

Maybe you give a darn, cuz I don't but these are the three habits that her sister now has.

Doing a single handed two fingered quote thing to indicate some irony but doing most of the time when it doesn't apply at all.. Asking at all times of the day, " What is it, like 2 ocolock, What day is it... Thursday. Asking this when it is like 10 am or a Monday.And the third one is going to sleep really late but then having some odd insomnia where she wakes up at all hours and if she sees Alisa up early she gets stern and say, " Alisa, go back to sleep." Today, according to alisa she did this at 6.A.M, just gets up goes to loo(I"m partly brit!) and advises other to go back to bed.

Alisa finds this delighful or whatever and I think it's just WEIRD and SCAAAAARY. I might get a restraining order against the whole lot of them(part brit here!) if Alisa texts me any more anti Letterman b.s. I know a lawyer who makes it a shoo in even if there really isn't a reason. We'll see.

Poetry later today something wrong with my puter!!!

Damn, I need a Depends everytime I hear that Letterman joke about the Palin Child. I had no idea that Letterman was such a fearless genius until that joke. HI- LARIOUS.

She's a moose killing tramp and that is what you DESERVE!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bitterness should only be for certain culinary dishes

Omigod, you guys. I am so bitter about not being able to blog for so looooooooong. See I had to prepare legal documents non stop and I am soooooooooo bitter that instead of shooting the breeze with you guy and putting up all those poems for poetry month I've had to have my time consumed by deviants. But, I did it. I finished, you guys, and I feel very relieved. TONITE, I am going to compile my fav poems and put a weeks worth up in one shot and each one will be seperate so it will be like a catch up of sorts.

Just peeking in to touch base. Had a great wrap yesterday and am excited now to be using hazelnuts in my cooking as well as finally "getting" what all the fuss is about tarragon. Much to blab to you when I get back from a looooooooong overdue Shiatsu session!

Keep positive,

Friday, June 5, 2009


You guys, last month was not in fact Poetry month and I so apologize. June is Poetry month and I don't know why I thought it was May. So, I've missed five days and will make up with a few double postings along the way. But till then here's a poem by the the poet laureate of Chicago. I'm not sure how to spell it and wiki doesn't even bother with an entry but his name sounds like Klingor Johston.

The manufacturer

Again all things
seem profound
and I’m leap of faith
Till then, I’m the one
You’ll see
on the ground

Splattered on the ground
I’ll tell you what I’ve learned
If you don’t expcct me to include some warnings
You’ll get burned

I’ll tell you
Sisyphus was no myth
Icarus no tall tale
Play around with what Prometheus
Gave you but
Expect to
call me from jail

Cat’s have nine
I’ve had more
Not bragging
I’ve seriously had like 54

Expeditions filled with crevices of misunderstanding
You’ll worse than skin your knee

But if you plan to still go up
My advice – my plea
Do so

Reach the top
Scale the highest peak
Or just cut your losses
And hop a

You'll burn your hand
Can’t reach the heights
Don’t know the rules
Need better tools?

Don’t look at me.

I just manufacture


An artist who can’t draw the right
A poet
Who gets bit
By the bee in
Her cliché
And fails
To complete her sonnet
In time
And also doesn’t always rhyme
A composer left dead in the sun
Gets decomposed
A writer who loses his pen
While running out
Of ink
A philosopher
Whose forgotten how to think

Would you like anything to drink?

I aim most intensely
to be
the hostess
with the mostess.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

humor tumor

Hi gang,

Still stuck at the webmistress's place as I wait for this awful legal mess to go away. Strange debates going on here that seem ripe for a blog post.

Alisa and her mother yesterday argued over whether Susan Boyle or Adam Lambert is more talented. Know it all obnoxious Alisa says Susan is far superior. Her know it all and obnoxious mum(I'm half brit!) thinks Adam is better. It didn't end ugly and they both behaved somewhat maturely as they told eachother, " you are entitled to your opinion." The hyper obnoxious Alisa whispered under her breath "but you are wrong" following the sentiment. The mum is mildly deaf so I'm not sure she heard but I did.

Then this morning they are debating wether Eminem was in on the joke with Sasha Baron Cohen. Alisa is sure that she can tell that Eminem and his posse are totally in on the joke and she thinks it's hilarious. The mum keeps saying things like "Why would a jewish boy degrade himself so and Eminem is really angry.." The mum cracks up everytime she talks about how awful it is to "degrade" yourself by wearing an ass revealing angel suit. Alisa asks her why she is laughing then and the mum insists that she would be very upset if Alisa pulled such pranks. Alisa would love to but hasn't had the chance the mother probably senses this and feels the need to try to pre empt this urge. The mother then wants to know if Borat was at least wearing a thong. Alisa doesn't know but is pretty much sure his ass was completely exposed. The mother then said that eminem really is mad and he is suing. Is this true, blogosphere? Is it a part of a larger joke? Either way tre amusing to at least one of them for reasons that don't suggest advanced evolution.

I personally am too busy to pay attention but just wanted to discuss Alisa and her mother as they confuse me. Thanks, gang, and embrace positivity!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life coach concerns and such.

Hello you guys. Long time no speak and I missed chatting at you and just blogging in general. Unfortunately, I've been forced to be overwhelmed with legal issues. Not fair, not cool, and this life coach will pay. She won't admit that her life coaching was very poor and that she tried to get my credit card info by using numerology and she has now appealed her convinction, which means that it's not over by a long shot. I contacted her to just get a refund of the life coach classes that were proven ineffective ie. jogging five miles backwards to erase bad memories etc.

Instead of just saying "sorry" she is now accusing me of STALKING. She learned this trick from her friends Tig Notaro and Stef Willen-- Just accuse people of things that they didn't remotely do, get a corrupt lawyer, and lie and lie and all will be ok. Well, Tarra is a peacenik and she abhors wars but she will fight this dumb vicious bitch till the bitter end .. I hate to be looksist but this life coach is really repulsive looking. She's balding and has a face that looks like morning breath. Gross, but so true. She looks kind of like a used condom too but someone else said that about her and that's not nice. In short, no one would STALK such a saggy and stupid womyn. It's hard for me to say anyhing nice about her now but I will force myself in the service of moral equivalency to say ... she did help me manage my contacts in Outlook and she turned me on to the best kefir available.

Anyhow, my financial struggles continue and my experience in non gourmet supermarkets has been so very painful. I estimate that 82% of shoppers say ok to plastic bags when faced with alternatives. !!!! I castigated the supermarket bagger yesterday and told him to say, " Is plastic ok, Please understand that it is destroying our earth." He wasn't rude but he told me that he couldnt' do that. I am now going to write up a letter and be at the forefront of changing policy about informing consumers of the dangers of plastic bags and how "is it ok?" is NOT enought. Keep an eye out as I plan to be a famous activist in no time.

Anyway, went on a date with a highly erotic latina. It ended up with me having salsa in my hair and quite a grin on my visage. I was stuck in L.A with my webmistress, Alisa, and we went to an establishment called the Abbey. This establishment caters to us QUEERS and We went to get one drink there for Alisa's Birthday. We got there at a good time as most were already very intoxicated and therefore Alisa was able to get compliments and I was able to enjoy the latina mentioned. She works in the bathroom at the Abbey. She passed me a towel, I said, "thanks," our eyes met and the minute she got off work ...we got off. ROFL.

I doubt I'll see her again as she works in L.A and she is a meat eating bathroom attendant. I am so not a snob but it turned out that she wasn't "overqualified" for that position(handing out paper towels, and maybe mints if you pay etc) I had to tell her who Donald Rumsfeld was and that there was a New president named Barack Obama.


Ok, you guys, I feel as if that's a decent blog entry. I would love to link you to everything mentioned but the links won't show up and I just don't have the fortitude to find out how to make this right. Without linkage, my blog, holds little promise, and yet I still come here and want to share my hectic (but hopeful?) life with you guys.

best wishes,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009


My loony webmistress wants me to start a hit drive to these blogs. So, I'm here to solicit hits when I could be yumming it up with a my friends at the farmers market.

Alisa has some completely futile desire to have 5000 hits by tommorow night. So, I implore you all or all of you to come by and get those numbers up up up.

Thanks, you guys.

support local poets, you guys.

For poetry month I have promised my readers that I will put up some poems by my faves. This one is written by Katya Winter and it speaks to me. I'm not crazy about the end line but it's nice enough.

When I go to the library
I feel sure one day
there's bound to be
bound editions
written by me

People ask sometimes
"How are you"
I say "fine"
But think
That's a book.
or two.
so one special day
keep an eye out
zillions of loose ends
will tie in
and I will

Friday, May 22, 2009

the promised daily poem for poetry month

I don't seem to see
that around me
they know of this poetry
by day, sunglassed eyes
by night you can see that you weren't missing much
by day
They might just see this poetry
But the odds seem to be
even greater than,

expressing surprise

I can't believe that my mention of Pontian Greek rememberance day did not draw more traffic. Pontians, please make your presence known! I need more than 600 hits in 2 days. Woohoo, pontians.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

safe sexting

I got two new comments but I've given up on responding to them as I can only say thanks and then the commentator dissapears and leaves me with the unquenchable yearning that womyn are prone to (in general.) I'm off to L.A for my life coach's sentencing hearing and I'm getting a rideshare with a womyn that I've been desperately trying to seduce with texting and email(and some choice IM's) I pray to goddess that very soon I'll get the chance to sext as I haven't had anyone to sext since sexting started. I'll start it like maybe ... "Are you cumming?" and then I'll wait a while and depending on her response I'll say, " LOL. TYPO." This will inspire the possible instillation of lustfulness in her and my rideshare will forever be remembered. Or, she will just write back, " ha! I'll be there soon. Traffic." And, then she'll be totally cold and wierd or just indifferent and it will be nothing more than a budget and earthy friendly mode of transportation. We'll see you guys.

I do want you to know that if we hook up that I will not sext her when driving. That is UNCOOL.

I'll be having a very juicy post for you by Sunday at the latest.

bye now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Webmaster woes

Well, Well, where are my comments? I am one of the few bloggers who implores her audience to comment and I will began threatening to stop blogging if a nice and supportive comment doesn't materialize with the next.... month. My threats might just be those that result from impotent rage but I still feel the necessity to set some boundaries and I WILL cease to blog if by June 1,2009 I do not get a comment.

My take on last night reality tv extravaganzas might cause the stir any blogger craves. I certainly wasn't getting any tantric sex yesterday so I decided to watch.
Hmmm, but that didn't much matter because Tarra's TV wasn't interested in Tarra's needs and so I'm just going to write you what my webmistress Alisa had to say for now as time is of the essence in matters of TV show analysis.

Alisa was wowed by e Adam Cambell as was her highly opinionated and codependant family. Via phone Alisa informed me that they all agreed that Kris is a sweet soulful boy but nowhere in league with Adam. Alisa and her sister told me a WEIRD story about thier history with that Mad World song and how they were watching Donnie Darko and thinkig it was pretty damned lame movie and what the hell was wrong with the "friends" who reccomended it, and at the end that song came on and they both started bawling. They rewound it and began bawling again. Then, they both were in decent moods and travelling through Laredo Texas and their mother went into some I Hop to use the restroom and this song(Gary Jewel version) came on and they began to weep like maniacs, disturbing the now relieved mother when she returned. Then Alisa told me that she avoids that song like the plague as she doesn't like public outbursts of emotionalism, but just recently she was in a Santa Monica bar and this song came on she had to run to the bathroom to "cry her eyes out" I don't get it but I guess I wanted to share that with you for some reason. She started yabbering on about how that line about when the kid is in school is the saddest line ever and I just had her on speakerphone at that point and was IM'ing two ladies that I have been communicating with. I met these ladies on a messageboard for carsharing as it is looking like I will have to sell my car and I want to make sure I get a ride to Michigan Womyns fest. So far, both seem ok and I will keep you guys posted if there are any SPARKZZZZZZ and/or if I get to carpool with them.

So, anyhow, as I typed frantically to these ladies I could hear some of Alisa's jabber and she was saying how she doesn't understand Roasts at all and certainly doesn't think Jeffrey Ross is a major comic force even if she liked them. Then, she went off again how she likes Tom Bergeron and I try to be patient but I really felt that even with multitasking my time was being wasted by her. She said something about Adam giving her and "the fam" chills and thrills and then she went off on a really negative and UNcool diatribe about how bad the lyrics were, how Cara Ghiradelli is obviously not a "bright womyn" then she went into some tirade about how 3 writers were needed for "THAT." She really lost me when she started going off about how every lyric felt like a stab wound and how if she had to sing that she would feel as if Nazis were raping her. She's really STRANGE but she is my webmaster and I need to keep her around till I figure out how to use Fonts to my advantage. She wasn't pleased that the "SQUAT and Smug olympian" won the TROPHY on Dancing with the Stars, at all but she wasn't that intense about and that's a relief. She asked my opinion on Samantha the hostesse's arms and she told me that her and her sister think they look like an old man sailor arms. That is just WRONG and I have to fly there next week to go to the sentencing hearing of my demonic life coach so I am stressing big time as I don't think I can maintain my civility with her anymore.

Gotta go you guys. See ya!

Well, you guys, I really apologize for my TV's PMS(LOL!) and I promise to write a review of the shows that are on tonight.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For national poetry month I'm going to start trying to put up a poem a day. this is by one of my favority poets, Claire Klondike.

Candy Bowls

To me, you were like M an M's
I kept reaching for you knowing
that you weren't good for me.
To you ,I was like those red and white mint candies that
are easy to take or to leave.
Well, those candies come in handy when
fresh breath is in order. Missy.

The hegemony of the Patriarchy is very much alive

My titles to my posts don't show up unless that area is touched so please touch it with your clicker or mouse or keyboard shortcut or whatnot. My last post was titled, " Tarra Supports her fellow humans blah blah." I just want to put it out there that on closer inspection I can see that "fellow" is kinda sexist and that "huwomyns" should be added to the language ASAP.

So, I apologize in advance for any offense. my delete feature has been broken for some time... ARGH.

Tarra supporting her fellow humans as well as her fellow bloggers

Empathy is precious and so I have to figure out how to not waste any of it. I want to be a part of "Bloggers Unite" which has a wonderful grassroots feel but I just can't add much more to my pity plate. I feel guilty now about failing to support this--
" Day of remembrance of the Pontian Greek Genocide
May 19 has been recognized by the Greek parliament as the day of…"

You guys, I was wholly unaware. I feel like an Idiot. I just was aprised of this Pontian greek Genocide and was sure that after Holocaust and Armenian Genocide day that I'd covered all the bases. It is only a matter of time before Rwanda and Darfur rememberance days and I promise to not get so narcissistic that I miss those days and spend them oblivously just maintiaining what remains of my lifestyle. To any Pontian Greek, I offer my heartfelt condolences and I plan to wiki your genocide the minute I get the chance.

My lifestyle has been literally ravaged by this recession and because of the theft of my affluence by Mr. Bernard Madoff. I've covered that ground before but I thought it bore repeating as I am not of the mind that repeating oneself is a BAD thing.

Yesterday, I ran out crying from Whole foods because I realized I simply could no longer buy olives from thier olive bar, and afford to keep my home.

I suppose I should discuss Dancing with the Stars as that seems to engage so many. But, I need to be honest and I just can't tell the difference between a poor and good Paseo Robles. Plus, Bruno reminds me of an ex who was bipolar. This was before I starting seeking womyn and non toxic people as life partners. My bipolar's name was Dwayne and he was heaps of fun when he wasn't verbally brutalizing me by calling me a "moron" and then falling into deep depressions before I could get furious with him. It got so bad once that he cried to me, "Tarra, how many times do I need to urinate. I'm so damned bored of urinating, day after day, time after time."
Buh, Bye. LOL.

The Brain is Wierd and doesn't seem suited to the task for lots of mentally ill people. I met Dwayne months back at a Free Mumia rally, and he told me that was why he was the way he was to me, and it felt really good cuz I allowed myself to get insulted by his... insults.

It's not too late for me to join this blogging collective(see below) and I urge all who read my blog to also do so. The sentiments expressed cannot be denied that's fer sure. Mark your calenders, PLEEZE. Though I'd like to add a shout out to the organizers.

calling it "Kill Terror" is counterproductive and unpeaceful.

Kill Terror Day

May 22, 2009

Terror is dehumanizing, the world is for human being. Everyone needs to work against terror to effectively subdue it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

spring and cold veggie burger

Spring is in the air. Can you feel it? I felt it a few times today...nice. I think all my recent issues put me in a rut and today was the beginning of the end of my rut. I bought a new tote bag and an earthy friendly bumpersticker that says "war is not the answer," to celebrate. I saw it on another car and just had to have it. I felt a brain fog when thinking what the answer might be and then I just felt that war is not the answer and stuck it on my bumper.

Not much to say my dear blog readers that I haven't already tweeted about: Seatbelt got bunched up and was near impossible to put on, veggie burger was cold by the time I got it home etc.

My new business idea is Green Teen. It is copywrighted so don't steal it please. It's going to be a clothing line for teens with green logos or a food line for earth conscious teens or that promotes green feeling in teens. I think this might be my big break...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama Notre Drama

Someone name Ray has inspired me to post today. I don't know if that's a good thing as my to do list for today doesn't include blogging. Hmmm, that list is haunting my every waking minute...
The pro choice pro life thing at Notre Dame is dominating the news today. I'm not only pro choice but anti population growth. Too many people, in general. Way too many for my tastes.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

widgets, do your magic!

website hit counters
Visit this website for a hit counter.

webmistress woes and other matters

according to the hit counter somehow someone is coming upon my heartfelt blog and to them I say "Hello. "

My avaricous life coach has pled no contest to the fraud charges and that is a good developement for Tarra as comeupance must occur in some situations. My webmistress is still waiting on justice in the matter of some repulsive comedian named by herself "Tig" but in reality her name is Mathilde Notaro and she (and the Evil and twisted stef willen) have concocted a whole conspiracy to make sure my webmistress doesn't pose any competition to Notaro's fledgling comedy career. There can be no other exlapanation. This disgusting "tig" notaro has lied and lied and perpetuated such a vile and vicious scheme against Alisa... It defies logic or reason or anything and the day of reckoning must come soon.

AS for me, I'm still being challenged and was just ripped off by a barterer screen named Phil32sky. I sent him my award winning tomatoes and he was supposed to send me his award winning fudge and every day I check the mail and no fudge. So, that's interfering with my peace of mind. I send him 3 polite but stern e-mails and just no reply.

I plan to regain my peace of mind very soon but as it stands I am not in possession of it. Any tips appreciated, you guys.

I've been tweeting up a storm and my whereabouts are no longer a mystery to those who choose to follow me. Still, I yearn to not have limits on the characters and so I've also been blogging, as you can see.

The world of Comedy in L.A is a cesspool of monumental proportions that's for sure. I'll link you to a blog about that when they fix the damn link thing.

Well, at least Alisa and I don't have anal cancer.

wordpress it is!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


eT TU!

hmmm.... my prayers were heard.

Well, Well. Tea or Not, blogging doesn't appear to be my destiny. I am back in NOCAL and my new way to escape my indigence is by making and then successfully marketing a Miss California dartboard. She and Danny Gokey are PHOBES and FREEPERS And REPUGS and my IRE is CONSIDERABLE.

I've had almost a full week of AMAZING lunches and 2 AWESOME dinners. If you would have told Tarra just a year ago how she didn't have to be affluent to have an ecstaticlly pleased palate she would have would have though you CRAZY. But, you guys, I had a lunch just yesterday that Alice Waters herself would approve. Where to start?? I think it best to start with the salad and then go in a linear fashion from there. I had a otherworldy chick pea puree tomatillo salad with curried croutons and salad dressing that made me re-think vinegar and consider sour cream as an essential ingredient from now on.
Then came a jalapeno popper appetizer with mendocino pepper and lemongrass that ROCKED.

All making my tummy... hummy ...but my tummy really started to sing when the main course was aelf served... to my myself. I have to run but count on me telling you what that main course was when I return. I also plan to include the recipes and a detailed account of my Flan-like dessert. I also plan to talk about some stellar sex I've had and the status of my court issue with my life coach.

I sure you come back.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blog Directory

A sorely missed lifestyle sacrifice due to recession

I'm glad that my one known reader has asked me openly discuss the BDSM aspect of my lifestyle. I've been neglecting that side of me, as of late, due to having to tend to my more pedestrian appetites( food, water,shelter etc)

This readers' yummy curiosity forced me to upgrade my acronym usage ,allowed me some early morning arousal, and a more favorable interpretation of a supposed "rejection" the last time I attended our local chapter's Christmas Kinkathon. http//
Thank you, loyal reader!

I was unaware that RACK was and thought that the raven haired womyn with the scrumptious tats ,who was purring this, was commenting on my chest. I was THRILLED. Then DISSAPOINTED, when she moved on to a flat chested polymorous couple in a neighboring harness. I felt rejected.confused, and sexually frustrated.Now I see that that whole weekend could have been heavenly (in a hellish way) if I'd just boned up.

This prompted me to contact those in the BDSM heiarchy and suggest a new section to the Newsletter called, "Acronym Update." They haven't gotten back to me as of this posting but I have greedily read that newsletter since I found out that collars are not just for blouses, and clamps are not just for laundry lines. ROFL.

Stay SSC, you guys!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Collars are a commonly used symbol of BDSM and can be ornamental or functionalBDSM is a complex acronym derived from the terms bondage and discipline (B&D, B/D, or BD), dominance and submission (D&S, D/S, or DS), sadism and masochism (S&M, S/M, or SM).[1]

BDSM includes a wide spectrum of activities and forms of interpersonal relationships. While not always overtly sexual in nature, the activities and relationships within a BDSM context are almost always eroticized by the participants in some fashion. Many of these practices fall outside of conventional sexual activities and human relationships.

BDSM encompasses many activities, including — but are not limited to — forms of dominance, submission, discipline, punishment, bondage, sexual roleplaying, sexual fetishism, sadomasochism, and power exchange, as well as the full spectrum of mainstream personal and sexual interactions.

An important distinction is that BDSM is not a form of sexual abuse — although some BDSM activities may appear to be violent or coercive, such activities are conducted with the consent of all partners involved. BDSM relationships and practices are exercised under the philosophy of "safe, sane and consensual" (SSC), or the somewhat more permissive philosophy of "risk-aware consensual kink" (RACK).[2]

Activities and relationships within a BDSM context are characterized by the fact that the participants usually take on complementary, but unequal, roles. Typically, participants who are active — applying the activity or exercising control over others — are known as tops or Dominants. Those participants who are recipients of the activities, or who are controlled by their partners, are typically known as bottoms or submissives. Individuals who move between top/dominant roles and bottom/submissive roles—either periodically within a relationship, or from relationship to relationship—are known as S/switches.[3]

"BDSM is often practiced within the context of a limited and defined encounter known as a BDSM scene. Such scenes often have ritualistic aspects, complete with modes of behavior, forms of address, codes of conduct, dress codes, and many other aspects of theater and role playing. As such encounters are often, but not always, at least partly sexual in nature, people outside of BDSM have a tendency to view it as a form of "kinky sex".

Some participants incorporate aspects of BDSM into their everyday relationship(s) with their partner(s), especially those who practice dominance and submission or power exchange (especially Total Power Exchange). For these individuals, BDSM is part of their lifestyle and in some discussions is referred to as "The Lifestyle".

Comorbidity and me

I just which I could know if Eyevonne passed.

I will keep blogging throught this rough patch as I feel sure that blogging is my destiny. I have recently taken on many pop culture aspects in an attempt to attract a larger audience. This might have attracted some but I can't tell much more than that and so I'm just going to keep the faith and such. Recently, my lone known reader told me via e-mail(You know who you are grllll)that she wants me to expand on my BDSM lifestyle. Dissapointing her would be stupid and so I shall in an unrelated post coming up.

I woke today and realized that I still haven't had closure about Danny Gans and after a not too intense google session I still have no closure (nor does anyone seeking closure in this matter. Tarra knows it is NOT all ABOUT her. Tarra has too many comorbid conditions to inform the blogosphere of her exact diagnosis but Narcissism is not one of them. Thank you VERY much.)
Susan Boyle has been quiet. I miss her. I hope she is picking good songs out there. Song choice is no joke.

Hmmm, without the tea ...that's about it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

one never knows, supermodels struggle too

It has come to my attention that Stephanie Seymour is having an ugly divorce. Two supermodels in the last two days! What is going on. Where is the moon?

Tarra has gone from affluence to solvency to insolvency and then to indigence in the course of this blog and she thought she alone was having such an unpleasant journey.

But, supermodels, supermodels are suffering too and this doesn't completely stop Tarra from feeling non-positive, but it does help.

Is Linda Evangelista doing ok?

oh my

It appears that my blog is listed as one that deals with BSDM. Wonderful. I just hope that blogger doesn't disallow my blog from being Pg.

My toxic lady
Blogs about: Bsdm

Fic: Blood and Chocolate
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Slash's Journal
... ; padding-right: 1px;? />heeroluva Fandom: Buffy Pairing: Spike/Xander, Spike/Dru and Xander/Cordelia (both briefly mentioned) Rating: NC-17 Warnings: blood, kinky sex, underaged!Xander, toys, pet!Xander (some BSDM), rimming Words: 4484 Spoilers: Season 2 Disclaimer: I don?t own them. I just like to play with them. Summary: Xander is cruelly dumped by Cordelia and Drusilla gives Spike a gift. ...
related tags: beginnings snowpuppiescharacter xanderangelchapter, fast times, incubus, lazarus chapter, lost part, snowpuppiescharacter xanderangelchapter pghighlight

This about broke my heart

why won't this link thing work???? It works on my other blog??


this about broke my heart

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oprah and Us

'American Idol' | Carrie Prejean | KFC | Melissa Rycroft | 'Biggest Loser' | More

These are the top searches according to the grossly american, america online.

I'm not caught up and don't know who Carrie Prejean is but wonder if she is that nun who saved Sean Penn from the death penalty.

AS for the others I do know that Melissa Rycroft is a valiant Bachelor casualty who according to my webmistress's mother -- bravely danced with broken ribs--.

The biggest loser is a show where the morbidly obese agree to publicly sweat and and sign away their rights to basic dignity to win a fat losing contest. When one gets to the point of such largeness one shouldn't judge on what one would do under those circumstances. Tarra isn't judging as Tarra knows that outside every thin person there is a fat person. One steroid shot, one brain injury, or just the one thing that happened to Kirstie Alley and there you are trying on huge dresses or suits.

If the queen of all journeys, Oprah, struggles with excessive girth issues than WE ALL DO.

As for American Idol-- I'm cooking up my recap and it should be posted today.

no title, ok?

website widgets

It's a NEW day.

can't even count on hit counters. Isn't that a crock?

One is saying 4012, one is saying much less and one is even saying less so who am I to beleive?

Since eyevonne hasn't responded I am forced to conclude that those who thought that my blog was some..... satire... AHEM.... were then confused and then very confused and then they went to greener pastures aka different blogs.

As an earnest activist, satire is not something I would tend to do. To insinuate that this was satire was to make mock of my lifestyle but that's ok as I understand that making mock is an expected coping mechanism for some.

That said, I will by the end of this evening remove all posts that serve to confuse and by this evening I will have a more linear blog that will read like a journal of a progressive stay at home non-mom, rainbow flag collector, e-book entrepeneur, marxist sympathethizer, earth loving lesbian, and all around multi faceted womym loving womyn. There is more to me. I just know it. But, for now that must suffice.

It was a gas(that was a fun expression. What ever happened to it?) to share with you my experiences with Minnetonka tea and that WIERDO trip it took me on. But, that doesn't serve to lead my bog to monetization and so that will have to go. I don't anticipate a shreik from the bowels of cyberspace, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TARRAAAAAAAAAAAA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and without that indicator this must happen by sundown today. From now on I will also promise to do a cursory check for typos before posting. Namaste.

Off I go towards a successful blog,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ethanol not so good

Explosive info on something to do with cindy crawford shandenfruede. But, only after the break. Break is travlocity commercial and now... "funny" commercial for teleflora. Now, commercial. Man talking about info he uncovers about his anscestors that would cause me great dissapointment( his grandfather was a german steel worker.)

News back on. No joke. Meghan Kelly is reporting real Shadenfreude. Kelly is showing entirely too much decoletagge because Fox moguls figure that helps and can't hurt. Poor Meghan Kelly. She is so not a someone who willingly shows so much cleavage.

Cindy Crawford's husband who is the owner of upscale lounges for jet setters is being sued for molesting his employees.

George Clooney involved! Denies that Gerber did such things. George Clooney good guy for standing up for truth or George Clooney enemy of these employess for unknown reasons. Lively debate on whether these sexually harrassed employees would have a legal claim. George Clooney wasn't in the news for 11 days and so he is now a witness in such tasty shadenfreude and threatening to stop this story in its tracks.

Tarra doesn't own upscale lounges and now she is able to feel bad for those who do and for thier gay supermodel wives. Tarra feels lighter.

Commercial with guy with hat and that stupid song and more bars in more places and anyone involved with commercial getting very rich.

Blogging as the news breaks

Dead motorcyclist because woman was painting her nails while driving. Sadly, the motorcyclist's killer didn't offend me as much as it should as the women who smashed into the Motorcyclist wasn't sexting or even texting. This woman(grandmother and mother according to newsman) seems downright quaint.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Hit counter provided by website.

a note from Tarra

I see that yesterday I tried to sell my soul... and there were no buyers. I was sure that the hunger for information about Hasselhoff would be so strong that a huge spike in hits was surefire. WRONGO.

I went so far as to download and save pics and then to upload these pics of Mr. Hasselhoff. Part of me, really beleived that the fact that the man in those pics is struggling with demons is illustrative of an essential truth: Nothing makes much sense. It was base, and it wss callous towards Mr. Hasselhoff, and I promise I won't do that again.

I need to get back to basics. I started this blog to give voice to marginalized people such as myself. I planned on sharing tales of lesbian lovemaking --as that never fails to attract all kinds-- and to also offer vegan tips and recipes to a wolrd that has stayed so daamned carnivorous.
Then, indigence hit and that neccesarily changed the tenor of my blog from one of activism while being affluent to one where I would show that my lifestyle could survive the recesssion. Then, a life coach( who had been coaching me for some time and who I had trusted to center me once and for all) had turned out to be a human monster with an extensive criminal history. My trust issues became more of a trust crisis etc.

I hope these fluctuations of my circumstances haven't led me to far astray and I hope that come September you all can celebrate the one year anniversay of this blog with me.


Monday, May 4, 2009

hi hoff, I hope you know that you are not alone

No new news on Hoff. I hope he is well.

the unveiling of a new acronym?

So, now I turn on the news earlier than I usually do and Hasselhof is struggling with issues again- has been rushed to the hospital for alcohol related... The daughter says that he's fine and he says that he's fine but the true story won't emerge for a long while. That's my take.

Hasselhof struggling with inner or even outer demons should should convince anyone and everyone once and for all that there is great randomness to all things.

My hasselhoff post is me showing you that I'm still dedicated to keeping current --as the majority of blogs I've seen that are successful keep current and offer news items that spare one the ... necessity... of ... buying the paper.... or watching the news...

The hunger for what is going on outside ones house is stronger than anyone ever suspected and I want to be on the front lines. I don't see a problem with my blog being a hybrid of my personal struggles and the struggles of Mr. Hasselhoff et al, but the fact that I get very few hits suggests that it very well may be a problem.

So, I will guarantee that I will report... whatever my radar picks up on... as I report to you my own struggles and triumphs. I will try to do this as these things arise but I can't make promises. Promises get me into HOT WATER. LOL. Actaully I didn't really laugh out loud but I was most desperate to show you that I was being funny, and so I'm creating a new acronym( which I hope is credited to me and which allows me to gain some capital.)

Ok, here's my acronym-- GS. It could be grinning slightly but I want it to be giggling softly. If you use this in your future communications please at least give me a trackback.

The hours is swiftly approaching godliness and I have faith that this will be a super day. Hope you do too!!

a very brief history of minnetonka tea

Again I wake at this ungodly hour. And, then I pause and think that this insinuates that god prefers certain hours. What a crock! Right? I mean, there is no way that god would think that only certain hours are worth his time.

This hour does feel kind of ungodly and and I wonder if that's is just because of what I was taught or if god really just does sleep and is not around.

I'll certainly never get the answer to this. It appears that the tea is something I will need to move on from as it is too trippy and when I look over my older blog entries I feel as if readers will get confused as the voice is different from earlier entries.

I finally got the right google keyword and found this link for minnetonka tea,

I would make it clickable but blogger won't let me and my threats to take my whole blog to wordpress hasn't seemed to alarm them into any action. So, I finally was able to research this tea and I'll cut and paste it for you as the link isn't working due to Blogger's unconcern.
" Minnetonka tea is a blend of calamine and sunni leaf and it is considered a "strong tea." It's history goes back to the dinosaur age as fossils with traces of this tea have been found. The tea was around since the beginning of B.C but documents of only A.D experiences with this tea are available to the modern tea scholar.
Minnetonka's use is first mentioned in the Koran and then in the bagvad gita but under another name. In 1800 A.D, after a rash of strange behaviors it was all but discontinued . An enterprising Turk by the name of ,Urfat Trank ,unsure whether the tea was blessed or cursed( but sure that money could be made) began hoarding the tea leafs and sending them via boat to Italy and Greece. There the tea was held responsible for another rash of strange behaviors and some very nutty poetry and the government outlawed it in 1812 A.D. Back then this tea was called Urfiz and it was rennamed Minnetonka by the American Indians, as one would imagine as Minnetonka sounds American Indian. Today, after centuries of scholars and scientists being mystified by this tea it has been revived as a Gourment tea and has been sold since 2008 at select shops and the internet. The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf has not carried as a rule but in late 2008 it could be found at the T-Zone in larchmont village(los angeles, ca) the Tea top in downtown in downtown Santa Cruz, and on the internet."

Well, that's it. That's all I could find and I pasted it for you. If I find more I wlll include it in an upcoming blog.