Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok, this Crazy Azz tea is going to be the end of me. It's like I just ate a big luna bar full of gumption or sumthin and all that matters is that I not be still and ESpress myself. Is that why they call it Espresso. Totally kidding. Despite a long term reputation as a womyn who is both hirsute and earnest I do do do have a sense of humor. As for the hairy part: Yeah, so, I think it's sexy, kay?

It is holocaust rememberance day and as I am staying with this INSANE family and the mom is a holocaust survivor. I have to bite my lefty lower lip so as not to make anti Israel statements but it's not going to be easy because Imperialists never cease to piss me off.

But, thanks godess(as a muslim feminist might say) I found this funky out of the way cozy comfy cozy comfy far out tea shoppe called the T-ZONE in larchmont Village and I don't have to play those gamesa and as you can see from my previous posts I've discovered a tea blend that is called Minnetonka and it seems to be at first a rip off. Right? I mean 11 dollars for a cup of tea would seem undoable especcially in this bad economy but I accidently ordered it and was too ashamed to make a fuss so I drank some and since then(this morning) I have been happy for the first time in months

But, I need to say that CNN needs to stop saying "Rotunda" about where Obama is giving his "Genocide is bad blah blah blah" speech because this tea and that word are cracking me up and I'm scared when I return there after taking a smog riddled walk back to my webmistresses's house that I will be screwed.

I just want to go out and buy all the Minnetonka tea in the world but then it is occurring to me as we .... as I blog. I'm blogging live btw. So, I want to just plunk the money I can still get from my Quaint Napa Valley Cottage and buy up all the Minnetonka tea in the world so I could always feel this YUMMY.

But, then again, all indicators say that I should sit tight as the real estate market for homes very closeby to winetastings is not all that. I know that quaintness, coziness and bohemian charm lose some value during a recession but I don't see why I'm told it's lost halFFFFF its value.

So, I don't have enough money to buy more than either one fully brewed tea a day or a four pack to take "home." Plus, it could just be that I've been depressed all along and it just lifted or it could indicate that this sudden and inexplicable euphoria is simply a matter of being alive and well in a pretty new Century. Or it could be that this is a sign of the incipient damage to my digestive tract and that I'll have to eat more Kefir and I'll in turn bloat even more as happened before. Or it could be that I'm Bi. LOL, not that kind of Bi. Thank you very much. I'm not interted in ahem, that kind of stimulus package. Ahem. I mean(hush) bipolar. But, then I'd be doomed and pretty much diseased, so I don't even what to think about that and I just know down deep that I don't have a personality disorder that would be serious enough to be studied kind of thing. I should have sold last year and I wouldn't be in this sitch, but woulda coulda shoulda buddha. This tea is INSANE CRAAAAAAAAAZY.

I want to share my find, this tea, with the world but selfishness stops me as then I'll either not be able to get any at all or have to pay more and I know that is wrong but it is how I feel and so Whatever.

WTF, that last sentence funked me out and not in that I'm in Larchmont Village at a funky tea shoppe way but a .... I better drink more tea or I'll die way.

Ok, took too more sips and feeling better and somewhat visionary when I think ahead and see how this blog will get monetized and I may even get record setting followers on Twitter or be the star of a reality show on VH1. As it stands, I'm fulfilled but prophecy shouldn't be pooh poohed just because nobody carries staffs or dresses like Moses did. But, I'm a realist and I sure know that till i figure out exactly what a widget does and what it can DO, I best just take baby steps. I wish I could ask someone in this coffee shop what a widget does and how it might save me but every one is dressed in a way that is indicative of them being "hipsters." and hipsters don't seem helpful.

Ok, that was judgemental and now i'm bumming out again about all the things that are or could be wrong rather than just the here and now and how very awesome it is to be alive

I will try to read my LAWEEKLY without deep thoughts and to just maybe focus in on ZAC Efron's eyebrows on the billboard across the street-- anything to not notice so much. I still have a half a cup of tea left and my whole life ahead of me and I hope to see you all before then.

bye till then,

P.S just heard about a new site called but it's spelled differently. what a hoot.

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