Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I've been more into journal jotting lately

new years and hopefully some new queers. LOL. the womyn at the festivals this year were all incompatible and blanche as you all know by now has moved on to a polymorous relationship. I've been gungo ho about resolutions and I plan to do all positions of the kama sutra and tantric erotic gymnastic games without getting out of breath whence I find a lover( i'm half british!). I've tired of yoga and my treadmill literally fell apart and I'm currently obese which as a lesbian doesn't put much of a dent in my sex life. thank goddess.

My upcoming bestseller, My toxic lady had some bad run ins with a defective printer and so it is as of now only enjoyed by a select group of ladies who've learned, loved and lost much by trusting in toxic partners.

My webmaster, alisa, has had a doozy of a year -- a highly unattractive element has targeted her and the story is not one I could write as I lack the ability to be humorous. This webmaster of the hightest caliber, and not capable of giving in to fear and so she'll be ok and decimate them all very soon and I plan to be their with my thumbs way up. I was quite critical of her in earlier posts but despite her contempt for my lifestyle or any lifestyle I've come to cherish our burgeoning frienship and hope our co-journey continues.

Anyhow, I'm still here to keep an online presence so that when the my toxic lady printing issue resolves I'll keep you all a breast(no pun intended!)of getting a copy.

Obama won and I hope he keeps his promise to us progressives and that me and any new lady that isn't toxic and that I may plan to marry might soon walk the aisle in matching sun dresses . But, i doubt it as it appears that he has played us progressives and that progress is not ... progressing as quickly as I'd like.

The womyns center is sponsoring a plastic bag free new years party and I'm hoping they serve tabouleh. I literally adore that dish. LOL.
I hope I have a good time. that sounded co-dependant and unhealthy and I damn well know that having expectations is unhealthy. oh well, next year, I'll get to that better place that I was promised last year by my life coach.

bye and take care you guys.


ben said...

this is my favorite. I also love the new things you added to your profile. thumbs up.

heyzeus said...

gee, thanks ben... I guess.
are you the same individual that called my blog satire?


albert said...

funny funny funny.