Wednesday, April 29, 2009

britains got talent and I will be there.

aj hammer uncovering tape and susan kissed . Aj suggesting that susan is a liar. I will hunt you down, aj!!!

grainy unsatisfying tape but any susan is good susan. now on piers making the controversial statement.

rumors of kissing susan not confirmed by piers morgan but not denied and taking her to dinner. Piers sort of annoying me as he acts like he's doing her some favor by taking her out. She doesn't need any favors anymore, bitch.

He said it. Made statement. AJ not as incredulous as the teaser suggested. Dissapointing overall. AJ is now slightly incredulous and can't wrap his head around these sudden concepts of celebrity as it bisects the cyber into the real. AJ looks adorable as his dumb eyes cross under the strain.

Says that guest did "good job".
I don't understand.

Prince had illness. First time exclusive. Next. Swine flu not over.

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