Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cara giradelli and paula and other matters.

Okay, that gimmick didn't catch on quite yet and I don't even want to get into the supposed feud of the original american idol hosts and cara giardelli before I get some feedback.

Suffice it to say she doesn't subtract much ,she doesn't add much, and I can't for the life of me understand what mastermind found her necessary. I guess everyone has to guess she's a backup host for Paula who has been slurring on and off since this talent songfest has launched.

I've always liked Paula and sometimes just diagnosed her with TMJ as the reason behind the inconsistent slurring but then I saw her reality show and found her just dreadful but now that I've watched her again for most of this season I wouldn't be surprised if she really was lovely/is lovely and the editors got bitter about this and snipped off any context to her nonstop spoiled dumbass tantrums. Saying yes to edited tv is probably something that should never be done unless the editors have fallen in love with you.

I've been in contact with an ex and a long lost cousin in the last week and that opens up a lively can of worms but the tea obviously weakened by impulses and I feel like ... the worms are out of the box or something and I don't want to think about how I should have ... not ... done ... that, and how the past probably should always stay ...put.

I am now writing to you from LAX and so far noone has told me that I need to pay two fares so let's hope that turned into a public relation fiasco for United and I can drop that from my list of things to dread and fear.

I've now tried and failed at many blog enterprises and only my erotica sites seem to draw the traffic that pays some bills. Isn't that the way it always is???

I have been poorly influenced by my webmistress and her family and under the influence of a strange and very ambigous tea and I just will clean it all up once I finally make the leap to Wordpress. I find that the nameless and faceless people behind BLOGGER are just not responsive to my needs and i will find livejournal or wordpress of the other competitors(hint hint blogger) more hospitable in the long run.

I came to the blog to say something very important and that might well have changed the course of history but now i forgot what it was and doubt i'll remember it any time soon. Any time soon is hard to explain in better detail as soon in cyberspace feels different that soon in the real world or whatever it is that is offline.

My kitties will probably not even greet me at the door and I won't even feel secure that it's because they don't love me or they just are too athritic to move and since cats don't talk I'll never find out and ...

My dog is decomposing, no doubt, and until I avenge his wrongful death I will not be at peace. Or I'll meet a nice latinaaa at a the taquito festival in Petaluma, and we'll have emotionally and physically satifying connections of all kinds, and all the bliss I suspected possible will suddenly seem not only possible but everlasting and then she'll go visit her family in guadalajara and she will return to me with all that she'd left me with and we will kiss and then as I peer into the abyss and see that the abyss was only ephemereal... and then I will not grin, i will not smile. My mouth will become as full and complete as the moon and someone upon seeing such an expression will have to come up with a better name for a smile or a grin.

and then I will feel nauseous and damn myself for not trusting and then I will vomit and then my bones will ache and then i will get a very bad but not fatal case of the swine flu that she brought home with the adorable tequila shot glasses and the too small for by big fat head(Sombrero) and then she will start to cough and sneeze and then she will die of the swine flu and that will be that.

So, I just really am not even looking forward to my return. I knew that when i dodged the bird flu( after stocking up on 4,000 dollars worth of tamiflu )that I wouldn't neccesarrily stay safe from high profile flus, but I sure didn't anticipate dying or losing the love of my life to Swine flu in this day and age.

what else??? My airplane is delayed and so I can either blog or ... blog ... as noone looks worth talking to and even if they did they all are on other communication devices. I'm long past the stage where I thought that shizophrenia suddenly became widespread so I am not going to cast a sympathetic glance at those talkign to themselves anymore. In short, I am aware now of bluetooths and that they are here to stay and that you just need to look a little closer as the mentally ill often don't wear business dress.

Ok, that's should do. Too much to do. I literally have over 200 tasks that need to get done by the weekend. I did plan some fun vids, and pics and even a surprise cyber scrapbook but there appears in the air the sense that boarding time is near and so I will stop here.

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