Thursday, April 30, 2009

I plan to tweet about his but first I'll put it here.

Just spoke with Alisa's sister who if you are a reader of my blog you will know that Alisa is a thorn in my side who does blog maintenance for me.
Well, I just spoke to Alisa's sister(she picked up phone) and she reminded me that despite all efforts Jamie Fox seems "all megolamania" yesterday. That's her take, not mine but I still want to share it as sharing is what Tarra does best.

Alisa is not charging much for her services and I felt really lucky but recently my indigence has forced me to see that I could do much of this work myself. For instance: She was charging a fee for keeping drafts and for sending me links to a preview of my blog. She charged me a pretty penny for "dashboard" help and now I'm starting to feel a little robbed. She wasn't overcharging or anything but current circumstances are leading me towards a "do it yourself" approach, and I'm thinking of letting Alisa go.

We'll see what happens once I move to Wordpress and if the learning curve puts me back into that vulnerable place.

Saw a story in the news about how Myspace has a new young CEO and I felt so sad as I recalled the merciless exodus of so many to facebook about a year ago. Myspace must have felt suicidal. such massive rejection and why????

There really is no reason I can see why myspace was abandoned enmasse. But perhaps I'm missing something and would love to hear anyone's take on this.

I mean twitter is different and it permits the unique chance to text all day to your followers about the scintillating minutiae of one's day but facebook vs Myspace???

What was the magic ingrediant that led so many from teens to the very elderly to abandon and discard myspace??? I just don't know and am asking my sweet readers to engage me and eachother in a debate about this. I will return to my computer in 1 hour and hope that it this lively(but respectful)debate is in progress.

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