Monday, April 27, 2009

I took this poll

So is Susan Boyle a virgin or not????

I just read that she was but then I head she was kidding about not being kissed.

I want to adjust my fantasies accordingly so please respond ASAP.


lars said...

my friend send me here, but I don't get it.

Tarra Slovan said...

ah my dear Lars, I don't get it either.

From my understanding, someone has decided that I am some joke or some satire and they keep sending me insults that I think they mean as compliments. Sure, I like a good poop joke and luv to laff but why people are saying this is funny or whatnot is very disturbing as my self identity is one of seriousness. I would love to be funny as I understand many luv to laff but I'm only mildly humorous and that is when responding to jokes, pranks, etc.

I very rarely make what is considered a "funny," And have not done so on my blog to a degree where my blog should be labeled humor. So, I'm just really confuzzled(LOL, see I do have HUMOR)why the comments of the traitorous Eyevonne and her treasonous posse are trying to lead my small but salient readership to fallacious conclusions.

That said, Tell this friend who send you to kiss my grits (LOL to the max!!!)