Wednesday, April 29, 2009

long but excellent post on various issues

I seriously am getting MAD that I can't link and how that might effect my potential as a blogger. I will need to begin exporting to Wordpress but I will wait till I get back on my Mac and can get the job done right. I am so a Mac person.I looove that commercial where the PC is a geeky fuddy duddy and the PC is Drew Barrymore's ex who is not HOT but moreso than Tom Green and the PC. And, I don't often voice these opinions but watching the commercial yesterday it seems like the boy(whose name eludes me but plays the mac and is Drew Barrymores's ex)is hung like a horse. I just looked at him and I could see this tremendous phallus attached to him underneath his pants.

Why can't Drew Barrymore keep a man??

I think I plan to blog about that at a later date.

Back to Law and Order last night.

I gave up on that show when Mariska grew her hair long and the writers all seem to have died and left the writing to someone very .... unskilled.
Whatever. I haven't watched in ages but my webmistresses's sister wanted me to see it with her and I didn't want to be rude so I saw it with her.

And, it was really incredibly incredibly bad. I don't pretend to be distinguishing and certainly do not want to appear judgementa/critical/whatnot but WOW.

House and Home was the fake name the writers gave the Home Depot etc.

Faceplace was the fake name they gave.... you guessed it.

Mariska and the whole cast looked like they were being raped over and over with each passing bit of dialogue. Chris Meloni, you could tell, was giving himself silent pep talks: It's better than being unemployed etc etc. over and over and over.

And, they had to torture the poor Anthony family as if Cindy and the dad don't have enough issues with a slain grandchild who happened to be so very cute and a sociopath for a daughter. You just know that if a year ago some Gypsy lady said, " I read your future. That show you watch every week... Law and Order... will feature your tragedy and mock you and be poorly written beyond measure and then give your granddaughter measles and you will never be able to watch that show again ... they would't beleive it and think that the gypsy was a typical gypper. And, I won't even try to link how this could be a sex crime which initally what this specialized police unit was supposed to deal with...

and they then added some dreadful take on Vaccinations vis a vie Autism but they didn't mention autism but you just knew that's what they were talking about and were scared of Jenny Mcarthy suing them because of who she is somehow dating. For those who don't follow such things -- Jim Carrey is dating Jenny Mccarthy and they are at the forefront of the either accurate or completely inaccurate info that childhood vaccinations and autism are linked.

That too is worthy of its own blog post but I'll just say for now that if ten years ago you would have told me they would hook up I wouldn't see it. Now, that it's a reality and they are dating and it is official (as it has been some time )I accept it but you can't expect that I should see it as a given. I just don't. do you??

I must pull myself away and start packing. I'm heading back to NOCAL this afternoon as my life coach won't be back in the United States(she fled to Canada for a bit) and extradition will only become official by early May(That's the prosecutor told me whatever.) So, I'm going to have to come back to Hell Ay and stay away from that yummy trippy tea and try to not find it online.

I get the feeling that it is at the root of some of my weirdness today as Alisa is drinking without discipline and she doesn't wash the dishes as well as I would want and I think some tea leafs are ingrained into the mug I've been using for my regular old Darjeerling.


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