Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the most breakingest blog -new content by the second.

my new gimmmick will be to be the first blogger on the story. A scoop, so to speak but not the same, so to speak.

according to CNN which truly just said goodbye to a woman name annie areola, Piers Morgan from Britain has more talent than America thinks that Susan Boyle is famouser than Angelina and Brad or Bradgelina(time saver or crutch?) and the host whose name escapes me and is not listed below his moving image currently is appalled by this. Oh, yes, his guest just said, "Thanks, AJ" So, his name is AJ.

Well, AJ is appalled by this statement by Piers Morgan. I can't say at this very moment that I can share his outrage because I haven't processed this yet but I will report to you when I do.

I'm sure that cheeky comment by Piers and my on the spot mention of it will serve my blog well and who knows..... maybe, cause a stir??!!!

I don't moderate comments in any way as of yet so now is the time to begin the debate about what Mr. Morgan just said. Please, try to be respectful to other commenters if they in fact do show.

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