Wednesday, April 29, 2009

octomom may be or may not be

Octomom denies all allegations. Feels like a broken record to her. Doesn't want to disparage Angelina Jolie but doesn't want to look like that. Octomom wants to be left alone. AJ is skeptical and voices it and Jane Velez Mitchell also is being harsh about Octomom's intentions and past. Another guest who is a lawyer, apparently, off screen ,is now also mocking octomom and saying that Angelina is prettier than Octomom. Ouch.

Octomom not only straight up denies being a stripper but is now going ON THE RECORD as never having even known a stripper.

3 witnesses have alleged different. Why focus attention wonders one of the panelists invited by AJ and his people. Yet, this same person trying to make everyone feel stupid about watching anything about octomom is getting paid to be on panel. Always some one getting all hypocritical.

If she was never a stripper than I wish her to win if she was then she's a scary liar like tig notaro and I hope she loses etc. I mean scary in that she seems to think that she can get away with lies that any normal person could see through etc.

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