Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, you guys. I am going to make good on my threat to go to WordPress because it is not letting me link and I don't need more conspiracy theories to agitate me. I have been loyal to Blogger for the time being but now I feel like a loyal sucker and it deoesn't feel good.

I was one of the very few who foresaw the exodus from Myspace to facebook before it happened but of COURSE-- I failed to "Monetize" that too and now I knew that Twitter would burst forth on the scene two weeks before it did and I have grave regrets about not monetizing that. I had a dream 2 nights before the big day that Ralph Machio challenged Fox news to see who could get the most Twitter followers and I woke up and even shared this vision with my vast social networkds. I'm sure you can find it somewhere on the web ... Anyhow, my dream was OBVIOUSLY about the wrong pereniallly ageless teen hearthrob and the wrong 24 hour cable news network so Tarra again is shit out of luck. Pardon my french, but I'm seething.

Hey, he still looks AWESOME.

I was on Twitter back when noone could have predicted that Ashton Kutcher and CNN came up with that hair brained but GENIUS challenge. Is it not enuff that Ashton gets to Make LOVE with GI Jane but that he also gets to figure out ways to have Twitter come alive like it did when so many were still reluctant/holding back etc about the necessity for on the go updates and such. I can't remember it like yesterday: Writing off emails to dear friends and asking them to follow me on Twitter, checking to see if they did so, and they quietly cursing them as they failed to do so....

Now, everyone is tweeting and if you put my name in google you will not see me listed as a pioneer of Twitter or anything of that nature. I not only have been at the forefront of calling national and internation press attention to diseases that were obscuce such as Fibromyalgia and Restless Leg but I have been the first responder when the Myspace to Facebook exodus happened, and then when so many on Facebook just never looked back or even read thier mail on myspace anymore I predicted that Skype wouldn't become the next thing and I was right too. Still, I don't get the slightest recognition for any of this and I am MAD. Kidding, but their is a grain of truth element to the concerns that I have voiced here.

I do feel as if the gift horse visits Ashton(And Demi-- for that matter!) more than he does I, that's no lie. But, I did attend a charity for Bruce Willis once and the fact that all the children from that union (Willis and Moore)went all wrong in the symettry department is a cold comfort.

Well, Ireport is going to became indispensable next and I plan to be able to profit somehow this time so I don't have to seem so anxious to blog and stuff. I mean I'm not DESPERATE at all. AT all. I SWEAR. I can always find a womyn's organization to sponsor me somehow if my mailbox stays free of incoming checks and my small ebay giftbasket enterprise fails once and for all. I just can't beleive the higher power would put me on the street with all the others who "couldn't pay the mortgage."

I love soup but Soup Kitchens. NOT SO MUCH. LOL. Right. I bet you LOL'Ed out there. I need to write up an appelate brief so if you don't see me around till much later either here or on twitter do understand that it is not because I had a non special lunch or didn't take an online quiz but that I just didn't have the chance to express it in a fashion that it deserves.

Stay strong and so will I.


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