Wednesday, April 29, 2009

swine flu and pandemics in general. Flu plans??/

ah, that worked. Excellent. That is a greeting card from an awesome artist who is my webmistress's sister. She sold a total of none of those because their mom needed to have a third child who could market and she stopped at two for reasons that are don't involve me and that I will not discuss here.

Please, buy a card. Since I am not related to this person I don't feel that the promotion is going to alienate anyone as it isn't self promotion.

There's tons more but they have to be scanned in since their puter crashed. I have begged this artist to draw so many of the deeply insane things I've seen since i've been visiting here since last week. But, she won't unless she gets some compliments so .... I'll just accept that I can't change anyone but myself and brace my ever mounting frustration with her.

Enuff. I need to move on. I am not joking when I tell you that I have survivors guilt from surviving the swine flu.

I had body aches and could't move and stomach was a mess and I won't even discuss the failure of my bowels to produce anything recognizable.

Alisa and her sister don't read my blog but they would hate that I am discussing anything scatological. They are pathologically against the scatological. SC(small chuckle??)

It really is tragic that people are dying of swine flu and that one day it will be told in this post post modern world that some anscestor died of the swine flu. So much is tragic but not everything, thank godess.

Which makes me think of something that requires a new post. Since this post was about bowel movements I think this pic is in order. see pic.

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Tarra Slovan said...

Hey you,

That's the very grody tig notaro- to the right and she is truly the most photogenic person I've ever seen she is really unpretty to the extreme. She is also a sick and scary liar. The story will get told and told well.