Monday, April 27, 2009


I am more than positive that my static hit counter is the same reason I didn't experience the rash of concern and comemntary that my last posts should have engendered. Mind you, I haven't much promoted my blog due to my cyber ADD which makes me "surf the web" too haphazardly and without any eye on a prize etc.

I blame all the people who thought that could blog and couldn't and now have caused so much "traffic" that readers can't, in a timely manner, get to their destination.

I am officially no longer going to drink that WEIRD Tea and let's hope things just fall back into place.

As for Swine flu: I doubt it and since no researchers sought me out to see if I had this strain I'll probably never know.

I cooked up my last teabag last night before beddy bye and if it weren't for the flu like symptoms I would have on here bloggin away like a MANIAC and embarrassing myself real bad. As it stands, I will need to take down all posts written since the tea and will do ao at my earliest convenience.

So, I was too sickly to get to the puter but I found this jotted in a daily planner by my nightsand.

1.Tell Obama somehow to do free advertising day and let non profits with great services to get their message out.

2.We all know about crest whitestrips but do we know about the state bar's client security fund?

3. Start up blog with the theme of Regrets and try to lure readers into it and get mondo hits and a stamp of success etc. Have them list stuff that they should have regretted but don't on pg. 1 and take it from there.

4. Make or buy a stamp of Success stamp type logo and stamp in my blogs and or sell this fine idea to the hightest bidder when the time comes.

5.Edit, Edit, Edit,

6. Write treatise or whatever its called about recent diagnos's of mental disorders with the advent of non stop App(Application?) introducal. i.e ADD prescriptions filled as correlatory to Twitter membership sign ups.

7. Learn once and for all what a Widget can't and can't do. draw a chart of weaknesses and strenghts of all widgets in an exclel spreadsheet and analyze it via powerpoint. Learn how to and then put it in a datastream and use it as Flowchart.

8. Track down Eyevonne and find out what led her to flee en masse with her "posse."

9. Write opus about Good vs. Evil and Socipathy as the greatest mystery of our time or whatever. Discuss why this became so intriguing and the conlusions drawn and even try to write an essay as blog entries lack the gravitas associated with the word "essay."

10. Self promote. Self promote. Self promote.

11. Make up another blog and Call it JurisPrudence, call yourself Prudence and disucss the vagaries and discontents you see in this newly entered system.
12. Brevity. Brevity. Brevity. Terseness, Pithy. Work on IT, girl!

YOu guys, there's more, but I just wanted to give you a taste of what that Minnetonka Tea can do to a regular progressive womyn --whom till she plunked down 11 dollars for a cup of tea in a larchmont Village fun and funky tea shoppe-- was happy to scrapbook and wait till the day she had enough money to take a pottery class again.

Good riddance to that tea and I wasnt to assure my readeship that if they left due to that Tarra and not the womyn who is planning a trip to Michigan WomYn's fest and is practicing the dance moves to the sensual care but not hair free dance she plans for said fest-- then put me on a feed but don't just GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I'm reading an excellent book by a womyn who has been approved by Eve Ensler. It's called Vagaries and vaginas and it is INTENSE(to say the least.) I can upload it for for the first five people who ask.


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