Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is wrong with my hit counter and who do I talk to????

Is it the homely but seemingly omnipotent Notaro having the blogger people shut it down. My new blog has less than 90 hits and looks so weak when I had a slightly hardy blog with hits in the thousands. Geez, who do I talk to about a defective hit counter and is it that toad who is up to no good again??

I recently understand that there is something called Ireport and I felt that my mission to keep current is proving very hard for this womyn.

I've joined a blogging collective with a female slant and they are very into humor about female weight issues and relationships. Which is so very awesome and HI-LArious. Can't wait for the new pit stops of my coming journeys.

I think I need to include more pics. so, I'll put this up of my adorable murdered pup before he was slain by the government.


joan said...

Love it. I'm sorry I've been away so I couldn't comment.

Tarra Slovan said...

Thank you Joan. Please provide feedback when possible or I will not be able to blog as heartily as possible.

Keep the faith,