Sunday, May 10, 2009

Comorbidity and me

I just which I could know if Eyevonne passed.

I will keep blogging throught this rough patch as I feel sure that blogging is my destiny. I have recently taken on many pop culture aspects in an attempt to attract a larger audience. This might have attracted some but I can't tell much more than that and so I'm just going to keep the faith and such. Recently, my lone known reader told me via e-mail(You know who you are grllll)that she wants me to expand on my BDSM lifestyle. Dissapointing her would be stupid and so I shall in an unrelated post coming up.

I woke today and realized that I still haven't had closure about Danny Gans and after a not too intense google session I still have no closure (nor does anyone seeking closure in this matter. Tarra knows it is NOT all ABOUT her. Tarra has too many comorbid conditions to inform the blogosphere of her exact diagnosis but Narcissism is not one of them. Thank you VERY much.)
Susan Boyle has been quiet. I miss her. I hope she is picking good songs out there. Song choice is no joke.

Hmmm, without the tea ...that's about it.

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