Thursday, May 14, 2009

hmmm.... my prayers were heard.

Well, Well. Tea or Not, blogging doesn't appear to be my destiny. I am back in NOCAL and my new way to escape my indigence is by making and then successfully marketing a Miss California dartboard. She and Danny Gokey are PHOBES and FREEPERS And REPUGS and my IRE is CONSIDERABLE.

I've had almost a full week of AMAZING lunches and 2 AWESOME dinners. If you would have told Tarra just a year ago how she didn't have to be affluent to have an ecstaticlly pleased palate she would have would have though you CRAZY. But, you guys, I had a lunch just yesterday that Alice Waters herself would approve. Where to start?? I think it best to start with the salad and then go in a linear fashion from there. I had a otherworldy chick pea puree tomatillo salad with curried croutons and salad dressing that made me re-think vinegar and consider sour cream as an essential ingredient from now on.
Then came a jalapeno popper appetizer with mendocino pepper and lemongrass that ROCKED.

All making my tummy... hummy ...but my tummy really started to sing when the main course was aelf served... to my myself. I have to run but count on me telling you what that main course was when I return. I also plan to include the recipes and a detailed account of my Flan-like dessert. I also plan to talk about some stellar sex I've had and the status of my court issue with my life coach.

I sure you come back.

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