Friday, May 1, 2009

Humanity is dissapointing and other observations from a womyn temporarily in a negative state

Now that my dear friend ,dude, has made me aware that my uploading of the swine images is not in vain, I plan to feature a swine of a different kind every day till cinco de mayo. I am actually going to devote all post till May 4 to this dear friend named, "Dude."

My dear friend, dude, knows of what I speak and she will get bigger sized swine as I see some of these swine don't enlarge upon clicking and I want her to see more of the detail.

My sense of "the street" is that there is a major mistrust of the media, and most people are not buying into this swine flu ,and even see it as some shtick driven by the media or the government.

It's pretty sad that as a people we don't trust this strange media thing to the degree that we shruggingly accept that this whole swine flu things is ... NOT KOSHER.HA.

I sense a lot of things on the "street" and yet I haven't walked anywhere but I do feel a growing frustration and my last chance to foment a revolution, as they say.

That's for later, but for now I think the world has had enough of social networking sites. THE WORLD HAS HAD ENUFF. And, today, I understand that many celebrites and politicians are on Twitter. And, Twitter is smiling smugly off in some computer chip. Who is Twitter? what is it? Why oh why oh why is everyone in lockstep with this shit? It's not as if Hitler and Stalin or even Mao or even Idi amin dada or even Kim Jung Ill are telling you, "joining Twitter would be wise."
"wise" said in a way that bespoke extreme menace and years of torture.

Humanity, you dissapoint me.

Now, understand I went to the bartering site to get some organic dishwashing lotion in exchange for my award winning tomatoes and someone was barterning some of that Minnetonka tea. Ok?? SO??? Yeah, so I got some and it just makes me so WIERD. I forgot about the bad and just remembered the good and I promise that I will ditch the rest of the tea(36 bags for 12 tomatoes etc) very soon.

I was just saying to my dear friend dude via e-mail that 400 philosophical questions get posed every minute and what the fuck am I going to do with 400 fucking philosophical questions? I think I've just quoted my own self and that can't be cool.

Blogging has replaced scrapbooking as my newest life's mission and I hope you guys are enjoying the fresh content I provide.

Now I understanding that there is even more anger out their with these teabagging people and their dissatisfactions with Obama. Since my indigence, I don't really care either way.

I just wish I was aware that they were giving out this cheap rent(See mortgage crisis)for so long. I could have saved up so much money.

Someone is on tv saying that he has studied the history of "progressivism" and this tea is making me annoyed with everyone getting so worked up about thier parties when the only real party is ... in my pants.

What the hell am I saying and how will my blog suffer? This tea is really going to be the end of me. I will delete this upon rising as I suspect the tea will be out of my system after a cat nap. Till then, toodle do, and stay flu free!


Korey said...

No longer posting as anonymous since someone else is and I question that person's ability to convey my opinions and feelings. Can't help but laugh at the party in your pants. Tea, indeed, whatever it is, keep going. Answer one philosophical question at a time, though I will grant that anyone asking philosophical questions of a womyn in your stressful circumstances is just asking for trouble. And the swine? Divine.

Tarra Slovan said...

Korey, laugh all you will about the party in my pants!

That said, I am not so sure about this tea and plan to re-examine this quite soon.

Since you come and go you might not be aware that there is a whole pig book and over 100 pigs that you haven't seen yet. Of course, the publisher was a creep and it never saw the light of day and made not a penny but now I plan to scan these pigs in just for you and get them all in by the 5th of May. How are you today?