Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a note from Tarra

I see that yesterday I tried to sell my soul... and there were no buyers. I was sure that the hunger for information about Hasselhoff would be so strong that a huge spike in hits was surefire. WRONGO.

I went so far as to download and save pics and then to upload these pics of Mr. Hasselhoff. Part of me, really beleived that the fact that the man in those pics is struggling with demons is illustrative of an essential truth: Nothing makes much sense. It was base, and it wss callous towards Mr. Hasselhoff, and I promise I won't do that again.

I need to get back to basics. I started this blog to give voice to marginalized people such as myself. I planned on sharing tales of lesbian lovemaking --as that never fails to attract all kinds-- and to also offer vegan tips and recipes to a wolrd that has stayed so daamned carnivorous.
Then, indigence hit and that neccesarily changed the tenor of my blog from one of activism while being affluent to one where I would show that my lifestyle could survive the recesssion. Then, a life coach( who had been coaching me for some time and who I had trusted to center me once and for all) had turned out to be a human monster with an extensive criminal history. My trust issues became more of a trust crisis etc.

I hope these fluctuations of my circumstances haven't led me to far astray and I hope that come September you all can celebrate the one year anniversay of this blog with me.


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