Sunday, May 3, 2009

swine flu and social distancing and my advice

Last night, while many of you were unaware, I was looking up ways to get my blog to become a source of income. I need just enough success with this to pay rent and some bills. I simply find the outside world too inhospitable at present and would prefer to support myself with my blogging.

My big birthday is coming up in 21 days and as a gift to Tarra, please send a link or put her on Digg or Reddit or somewhere as she becomes very confused by these things.

i sure figured out one thing and that is not to even bother accessing an old account on MySpace. That place is a graveyard of discarded pics and half baked blogs and it's just soooo sad and I just want to warn the unsuspecting not to even bother signing up.

Using an aol account and not having figured out that facebook must be joined after myspace but not before Twitter will mark one as a NEWBIE. NEWBIE's are gross.

Just kidding, NEWBIE's are fine.

As a now vital member of the blogoshere I feel it neccessary to discus Swine flu again and it is very serious and it also gets pings.

On CNN it said that this swine flu was causig "social distancing."

Pre-tea I would have been one of those people with a mask and an unlimited supply of hand sanitizer. But, since the tea I just figure I'll just avoid Mexicans and pigs and if my higher power wants me than submission is my only recourse.

I can't help but want to start off my advice blog with some advice and so just let... go....Sure, don't court the swine flu by reckless behaviors such as being hyper social or kissing pigs-- but open your mind to the next life being better and stop stressing . I mean it you guys, please listen.



erin said...

I love your blog. I'm not sure if you're kidding sometimes but I laughed out loud on several occassions if you are. Keep it up.

Tarra Slovan said...

Just saw your comment. Thanks, erin! I'll try to keep it up!