Saturday, May 16, 2009

webmistress woes and other matters

according to the hit counter somehow someone is coming upon my heartfelt blog and to them I say "Hello. "

My avaricous life coach has pled no contest to the fraud charges and that is a good developement for Tarra as comeupance must occur in some situations. My webmistress is still waiting on justice in the matter of some repulsive comedian named by herself "Tig" but in reality her name is Mathilde Notaro and she (and the Evil and twisted stef willen) have concocted a whole conspiracy to make sure my webmistress doesn't pose any competition to Notaro's fledgling comedy career. There can be no other exlapanation. This disgusting "tig" notaro has lied and lied and perpetuated such a vile and vicious scheme against Alisa... It defies logic or reason or anything and the day of reckoning must come soon.

AS for me, I'm still being challenged and was just ripped off by a barterer screen named Phil32sky. I sent him my award winning tomatoes and he was supposed to send me his award winning fudge and every day I check the mail and no fudge. So, that's interfering with my peace of mind. I send him 3 polite but stern e-mails and just no reply.

I plan to regain my peace of mind very soon but as it stands I am not in possession of it. Any tips appreciated, you guys.

I've been tweeting up a storm and my whereabouts are no longer a mystery to those who choose to follow me. Still, I yearn to not have limits on the characters and so I've also been blogging, as you can see.

The world of Comedy in L.A is a cesspool of monumental proportions that's for sure. I'll link you to a blog about that when they fix the damn link thing.

Well, at least Alisa and I don't have anal cancer.


ray said...

I read you dail. Just so ya know. Brilliant!

Tarra Slovan said...

Hey thanks Ray. Very appreciated.