Thursday, June 25, 2009

frozen yogurt is awesome but it shouldn't be followed per se

I adore cantaloop frozen yogurt. Do Not get me wrong. But, I got something in the mail from them today and it says in so many words that I should follow them on Twitter. I just got so uptight about that as I am starting to feel as if I'm following others on twitter blindly.

And, I just can't see what frozen yogurt can say on a regular basis. I suppose a blog where once a month they put up a coupon or talk of a new flavor or topping but I will have to be rude and reject their offer to follow them on Twitter.

What else? Hmmm. Lots, I guess. But, mainly have had it up to here with Alisa(she does my blog upkeep and webwork) and have cut ties with her(Looooong story) and am hoping that I figure out how to maintain this blog without her help very soon. She's agreed to work with me today so tommorow this place might be a MESS. LOL.

Got to have a snack and a cat nap before a marathon sex session with my new lady, Lil Lozenge.

Happy tummy trails,


shane said...

U R funny!

whomever runs the particular blog said...

thanks shane,

I think the fuzz are stealing my mail so I can't see nice comments till months later. boycott tig notaro in the meantime, thanks