Friday, June 19, 2009

Sally Field is really taking charge of her osteoathritis

I just am not happy with the readership of this blog. I was sure that my earth positive energy and commitment to commemorating all days of infamy would return me to the life of leisure and organic produce that I'd come to expect.

My webmistress is sabotaging me as she is too "busy" to promote my blog as she is beign falsely accused by some losers. I don't mean "losers' in that way like... some elementary school thing but like... they will lose. Well, they actually are losers in all ways but they've been getting away with a lot and that is changing. Alisa's sister is very married to the term, " the worm has turned" and uses it to excess imho.

Alisa acts at the turning worm and the smell of astroburger and donut sneaks into my nostrils and I just want to SCREAM. But, I'm not a screamer so I just submerge my rage and hope that it leaves with my perspiration. I don't know if anyone notices this and if they do if they should but there is literally a donut shop/dealer/store in virtually every mini malls in the Los Angeles Area. And, there are many many minimalls!!!

I wish they made veggie filled donuts but since they don't I just am bewildered as to why so many donut shops exist here and how I never hear anyone talking about getting donuts or wanting donuts enough to justify this massive amount of donut vendors. Poetry month is coming to a close and I haven't been able to post poems because of Alisa's inability to time manage well enough to help me out.

I will make it up to you guys ASAP.

I've been glued to Twitter and the reports out of Iran. The sense of in the moment opression has been great for Twitter and the Iranian people methinks.

As much as I hate hate hate this country and its hegemonious patriarchy I must admit that it's probably better here than there except that there they are more exoticly swarthy which i think is great and better then us pasty Colonialists or that's what I just want to express and apologize if I've done so poorly. I'm distracted as I am being IM'd and texted by two debt harrassers. Once they see the stalking charges I'll get filed,they will hopefully stop.... In a sense it is domestic violence when someone calls my house and insists I pay for services or leaves me mail with that "message." I understand that city attorney's will always just go along with that so I'm hopeful. HMMMM, I've got to go and put in a bar complaint. Ha ha. Not that kind of bar complaint... I'm not a problem drinker.... I swear...I mean a bar complaint in the legal sense cuz Tarra found out that the fun is just beginning...

bye, you guys, and don't be too surprised if you see some pics added this weekend.


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This blog is GENIUS. Are you a published writer?