Sunday, August 9, 2009

I think Alisa has messed with my comments section

My comment section must be broken. I have over 260 facebook and twitter friends and there is no way that none of them is worried about where I have gone or if I have died.

They sure should have worried as all this time I've been hanging on to dear life. I had gluten poisoning. Remember how I told this blog that I wasn't indeed allergic to gluten. Well, it turns out that I am and that doctors don't at all neccessarily know what they hell they are doing. So, i ate all kinds of treats irrespective of gluten and I passed out and was in a state of near death. I was too weak to even type and that sucks.

Anyway, catch up feels overwhelming. My lifestyle has changed so since we last "spoke." I now shop almost exclusively at the 99 cents story and am writing an e-book called, " below the poverty line and loving it." It's going to put a really postive spin on indigence and detail how I've been mananging to live luxuriously on 23 dollars a day. Of course, that doesn't include rent and utilities but that's for another book when I lose the house and try to stay cheerful in a much less cozy one.

As my readers know I was affluent all my life. Money was just no object due to a great grandfather who I'd never met but still saw fit to fund my life. But, just when I'd reached my middle years Mr. Bernie Madoff made away with most if not all of my money. The story can be found on the blog as repeating it only causes me to shake all over.

Now my Napa Cottage, my purchasing of only organic food, and my sanity have all been compromised. Tarra didn't know she had it in her but she has turned this into an E-book and is hopeful that this one will launch her back to the upscale lifestyle in which she has grown accustomed. It will discuss how costly gluten free products are and how very wrong that is and how I plan to get legislation on this as soon as I recover fully. It will discuss a lot but you will have to buy it to find out. LOL.

I have much to complain about regarding my webmistress, Alisa, and shall do so when I return.

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