Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ms. Slovan if you're nasty

Came on to blog about my new love affair but saw a typo that spelled "professional" as "Prossenial", and I got super mortified and my hand in between started to tingle in this disgusting way and so I'm just here to strictly touch base today.

Want to say: I still really think that the color and template for my blog were spot on(half brit here!)and that I deserve a more lively(but respecful) comments section.
Thanks to all those that have supported my blog through this catastrophic time. Fern Mcfern said that if I talk about Jeremy Sisto I'll get some hits but that is so dishonest and I simply am not aware of who that is and you will not hear me mention Jeremy Sisto in this blog. Fern McFern(Alisa changed her names for good reason- false stalking accusations from some insane imbecilic stranger with an adorable nickname etc).

Fern's a pain in my tooshie but she's a proud person and this has made her an overheated recluse. She can't even blog in peace and she was told by a birdie that the city attorney reads her blog-- surely hoping that she transforms into what they need her to be for their highly stupid purposes-- some rabid irrational cursing thing-- now I'm sure they wait for her to make threats at public officials and I'm just saying that Godot and Moshiach will come first. I doubt the city attorney will get what that means but I can't be bothered. I don't want to be rude to city workers but from what I've seen you have treated Fern very terribly and I will be a witness.

Need to say: Sorry, feeling to fragile to risk lots today

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Anonymous said...

This blog is a work of genius. You are incredibly talented.