Tuesday, October 6, 2009

severe lifestyle challenges etc.

You can hear an echo in here. LOL.
I've been busy trying to make friends since many of those I called friends didn't call me when I was in the intensive care unit with a shredded hand. Not a one from my various book club, farmers market funding societies, or vegan potluck associations sent a card! I got a call from my family but I didn't take it because my therapist convinced me of their toxicity. A raw food entrepeneaur sent me an invite to a gala but it costs 400 dollars and so I can't go.
Major re-processing must be done and it's not easy when your hand gets all kind of strange pains and money really doesn't grow on trees.

I keep singing that sad song from the musical ,"hair, " How can people be so heartless...."  you know the one where it kind of insults the liberal and how he only cares about causes and not people.  I also keep singing the free credit report dot come song and I resent that.

I'm being really ungrateful. I'm so sorry. I just needed to vent here and as my readers know I haven't had the funds for my therapist since Bernie Madoff stole my fortune.

I've joined 4 social networking groups and let's hope meaningful connnections result, you guys.

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