Monday, October 12, 2009

still maintaining an identity as a blogger

Hi. Very awesome week and feeling very greatful that I didn't die those many times I went to sweat lodges. I use to be addicted to those when I was affluent.  I used to really feel as if I was a Cherokee goddess after one of those and that my perspiration was filled with the sins of my forefathers and was now used to nourish the sacred land of the Hopi. That's what we were encouraged to feel and it felt good. 

I've been healing at a steady pace and hearing that my former life coach is now living in Livermore on disability has cheered me up immeasurably.

I've been online dating and a fiery chicana and I have been connecting somewhat. She is not vegan and though she says she's vegetarian she slipped up once and mentioned a yummy clam chowder . It could have been imitation clam but she had presented herself as vegan and then half way through our communication it was clear that she was mistaken and didn't realize that milk and eggs were a no no. I don't know. She's quite articulate and well versed in Far eastern philosophies but she is a bit materialistic and seems dissapointed that I am indigent. 

We'll see. She gives great hugs or so she told me by e-mail. We haven't yet met as she lives in Michigan and I've been hospitalized soooo...

I'm just happy to feel like a womyn again and that I didn't die tragically while in the midst of self actualization.

Bye for now.

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