Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Imitation hen is yummier than the real thing, you guys.

My inbox is filled with vicious e-mails accusing me of eating hen and seared Mahi when I'm "supposedly a vegan." Simmer down ladies and sensitve male persons(LOL!) I am a vegan and haven't put a murdered animal or fish to my lips for over 12 years. The pale Pilgrim www.thepalepilgrim.net is a restaurant that makes faux seared mahi and faux hen. It's all tofu and grain based and it tastes almost like the real thing. All their food is 100% as opposed to most organic food purveyors who only have to be 97% organic to get to market. I just feel scared about what can be in that 3 percent and how harmful it can be to me and those I care so deeply for.

So, please PLEEZE, pleez, stop inundating me with hurtful e-mails. I am an avid and committed vegan and feel such loathing for Sarah Palin when I see her bragging about killing a Moose. I don't know of anyone who eats or wears moose and I see her as an unrepentant moose murderer. I'm voting for Kucinich. He alone represents my progressive desires. Blanche is voting for Ralph Nader if he puts his name on the ballot.

Now, let's move on. Moving on is very important and must be done well and often.
Love in the time of IBS is coming out next week on various e-book sites, and I can't help but prepare for the impending fame. The minute they send me a link I will link it. Please do not sent cruel judgemental e-mails if you can't find it on amazon yet. It is past 9.A.M and my day must begin. I'll be back when the day is over which I guess should be 5PM pacific standard time. I can't wait to share with you the stories of the toxic individuals who tried to hurt me and how I dealt with them.

BYE, you guys. Have an awesome weekday!

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