Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rusell Brand is a man of peace

Oh how wonderful to see someone promote obama. So brave when the Repugs own the media and the corporations and are mean mean mean and bad selfish poeple.

I don't have a sense of humor so I thought Rusell Brand was wonderful. My negative aquaintance thought he was the lamest thing she's ever seen and she is seething about "his epic grossness and complete unfunniness." She sees this as the final nail in the coffin of the english empire.
She finds it amazing that these no talents are getting such gigs. She is barely an aquaintance because of her very different and judgemental views.
She lives in L.A and I think she keeps in touch with me just so she can write me irritating and rude e-mails that are contrary to my pacifist ways and my desire for a peace loving planet. WAR is just terrible and I don't like it. No sireee.

Well, this entry is sure to stir up controversy. Differing opinions can be healthy and I welcome a healthful discourse.

My non violent pit bull, Zandra, needs to poop, so I gotta go. Bye.


richard said...

you are brilliant. This is satire at its best. Please, keep posting. I will be reading.

still working on it said...

thank you richard. the three sweet comments I saw today really cheered me up.

Thanks again.