Sunday, September 7, 2008


I see that my webmaster's name is showing up in some capacity. I'll have to remedy that ASAP. But, till then I'm Tarra Sloven(used to also be Jones but I dumpted that narcissist and her name last week)

I'm launching my book related blog today! I'm a novelist and self help specialist who lives and loves and divides my time between my psychotherapy practice in the bay area and the wine countries of Northern California.

My toxic lady is going into print at the end of the year. I can't wait till it reaches the vast amount of viewers it deserves. Since there is so many outrageously hot lesbian love scenes Oprah won't touch it with her ten foot pole. I mean... a ten foot pole. LOL. Love in the Time of IBS will be hit the E-books sites come September 15, and I anticipate a change of lifestyle when it does.

I've labored in obscurity for far too long and I think I really hit on it when I sniffed out that there is a large lesbian audience literally craving tales of ladies who lunch and then have to run to to loo. I'm half British so I use "loo." very naturally.

Well, I plan to blog thrice daily( Yes, Yes, I warned you: I'm a Brit) about my book and my lover and our pets and just the ins and outs of trying to make a splash in the world when so much disorders are out there. I plan to devote much of my oversheduled moments to toxicity whether found in the small intestine or in your life partner. There is a hunger for that kind of information and as a probiotic lesbian with a degree in the classics from

I have much to give.

As my fans know, I'm somewhat happily partnered, and we share a one bedroom cottage in Napa with our non violent pitbull and our four mishevious kitty cats. My lover, Blanche, wants a parrot but I find them(Parrots) too forceful and repetitious.

Blanche's insistence is rubbing me the wrong way. Before I proceed: FYI- my puns are oft unintended. I don't go for puns or sarcasm. I find them to be the refuge of the weary.

I didn't make that up. Lara Carmine Stendahl wrote that in Curve magazine when describing the new film, Saphistry

I haven't seen that film yet but I make my business to see all queer friendly media and I plan to support it very soon. I just wish that queer freindly media gave better giftbaskets. Still, I'm there to support and I can always make my own giftbasket.
Wow. I think I was born to blog. But, I need to go and prepare. Blanche and I are invited to a wine tasting. It's in neighboring Sonoma and the Vinter is known to be an awesome man.

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