Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama Bumper stickers coming soon!

My webmaster seemed to have lost her whole profile when helping me put up my blog. I'd link you to her blog but she's highly dysfunctional and drowns in an aura of negativity.

I'm still at home. The vinter had an emergency and so me and Blanche are staying put till he rings. While we wait, I'm flipping through the new copy of Dysfunction magazine.

There is an excellent essay on Codependence in the 19th century. It really makes quite a joke of Shakespeare and others who were all about drama. I'm scanning it into my all in one and will upload it to you soon. It's not yet available on the online version. Aarrgh.

While It uploads Blanche and I will have a bit of tantric sex(pics coming!!!) and then off to the wine tasting. So awesome to be able to share my day with my readers. I don't know how I survived Pre-Blog.

I plan to really go ovaries out(Trademark - Tarra Sloven) and promote this blog on every queer friendly venue on the internet. There are only so many whole food retailers in my area and flyering seems less cost time effective. I'm a master multitasker, as a rule. But,Prius notwithstanding, the gas prices make me queasy.

. Blanche is a freelance beauty editor and she's coordinating a year end issue for Raw Food quarterly. The premier whole beauty blogger is contributing and she's written a pretty unsettling expose on Paul Mitchell and his empire. According to her sources in the Shampoo and Styling Gel scene, there is .... NO SUCH THING AS AWAPUI.

Just Wow.

On tuesday, I'll be running into a marketing rep for Paul Mitchell at a Potluck. I will call her out and blog about what happens.

one of my kitty cats( a triangulated abyssinian) is gnawing on my new Sandal and I need to go freshen up for a fun and healthful day out in the most politically progressive and physically attractive part of our Country( NoCAL.)

Have a GREAT day!

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