Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kelly Clarkson is talented.

I can't beleive I allowed myself and strong and controversial opinion and there are not a lot of comments and bickering. I feel as if the internet has been bad for my confidence. Thank goodness I have an appointment with my therapist, Andrea. She's a former reiki healer who at 54 went back to school to get her MSW. Hurrah to you Andrea. She's really been a great help to my life and even my lifestyle. I'm writing from my thai masseuse's ipod so I can't really go on as I believe she pays by the minute and she get very aggressive when annoyed.

. Just came to peek at my comments but I guess I have to move about and tell my fans and friends about my new venture. Kelly Clarkson in on the radio-- my she did well. I must say I enjoy her music. The minute I get home I hope to share with yout the details of my dinner. take care, you guys!

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