Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank goodness september 11th is over. I just get so sad on that day and feel like I shouldn't even have a fine dining experience. I want to commemorate the victims so bad. This year I couldn't make the candlelight vigil in roscoe park and I feel like a bad person. But,l I felt good that I abstained from gourmet. I ate a iceberg lettuce salad, a tuna sandwich, and an oreo cookie all day. I coun't bring myself to even try to communicate with my higher power as I felt he had bigger fish to fry than I. Otherwise, I'm fine. Blanche, my lover,has not been controlling today and I hope she sees to my needs ASAP. Attempting to find a life partner is hard and the womyn bars are rife with personality disorders. I'm quite heavily into the BSDM lifestyle and that too is something that hampers my pick of partners. I'm not sure I love Blanche but at least she shares my progressive views and loves scrapbooking as much as I do.

I am blogging now- sept 13th . And yes, It's belated-- but I just want to have a moment of silence for the victims of our muslim friends and our muslim friends. Our muslim sisters and brothers are very opressed people and America is out to destroy them. I attend a radical muslim understanding group in Marin county each thursday and it's very enlightening. Afterwards we all go out for dinner and hot tub, and it's an awesome time.

Peace out all and I hope that you spread the word about how peace is good and war is so bad.



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Hello! I've been very distracted and so I just saw this comment. I love you too!