Monday, September 15, 2008

erotic thoughts and nectarines.

I just saw a bumper sticker that said, "Make coffee not war." What a hoot. I can't wait to buy one. I hate war so much. Peace is the only way!!!!

I am on a diet. Aaargh. I just had a basil coated water cracker and a mango splash smoothie for lunch.
I'm going to a rally today against Palin. As a vegan and all around progressive womyn I despise her. She kills mooses, for pete's sake.

Blanche is starting to seem codependent to me. She calls me twice a day when I'm away, and my needs are so that I find that excessive. We will have to discuss boundaries ASAP. I feel badly about blogging about her. I just hope she doesn't google me and see this. If she does, then maybe it's for the best. I told her last month that we were life partners but that was before I met Britta. I met Britta at my pottery workshop and suddenly I saw my life ahead with her and not Blanche. Britta is in a relationship with a man but she pings and ....

I don't know. I just wish Britta would stop inspiring such erotic desires and imagery. I've begun writing erotic stories about it and I hope to e-publish when they are ready.

Well, the nectarine and peach season is coming to a close . I don't know why but that upsets me.

Thanks for letting me share, you guys. Processing my issues in this forum has been awesome.

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