Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm not dead, you guys.

My oh my. It's been a lifetime, it seems, since I've posted. I've been away at a spa and the spa didn't have wifi. They promised it in their brochure but they lied. So, I'm suing them and the law is so interesting. I hate to get all serious but there are so many rights that are stomped on and if you look hard enough you'll find that they're are so many remedies for it. noone will tell you so you have to find it or yourself. The spa is pretending that they can't be responsible for depriving me wifi and it's getting really ugly. The masseuses have bee paid off to slander me and the facialist is making up stories to discredit my lack of wifi claim. A pilates instructor has been particularly obscene.

Luckily, Blanche's ex is a lawyer and my claims are getting more and more costly to my adveraries. I'm so happy all of a sudden that she's such good friends with her ex.

In other news. LOL. I spend the jewish holidays in a state of buddhist bliss. I've begun to really get Zen and soon I'll be zenlike.

I'm eating a light lunch of tofu tamales and a pomegranate shake, then I'm off to hit the law books and then meditation and some fierce ashtanga.

bye, you guys.


shannon said...

welcome back. I missed you. Your a genius.

still working on it said...

hey. I just noticed this comment. Sorry. I've been very distracted by strange things. Thanks for you sweet comment. Mad my day. Though my day has many more hours.