Friday, January 9, 2009

edited because I left out a whole sentence

I know I know it's codependant but I feel that I'm letting down my miniscule readership if I don't blog regularly and I do want to reach 3000 hits by the end of the month and so I'm here typing away without much to say. I did have an excellent lunch at tucked away bistro in petaluma. The place is called TRISTE and it has all the element that make me feel that my lifestyle choices are the right ones. It is cozy and upscale all at once. Beat that? bet you can't. I went to TRISTE to have a meeting with my e-publisher, jess, and she is a foodie so Triste was top notch.
Still, I have to admit that the conversation was strained as she is a meat eater and holds some non progressive views. She went on about a current staph infection that she was taking antibiotics for and as a probiotic lesbian I had to struggle not to choke her. LOL.Anyhoo, it looks like my toxic lady with be widerly circulated and that the graphics on the cover are really neat. gotta run, got the runs lol.


albert said...

this is brilliant! are you some famous comedy writer?

heyzeus said...

gee, thanks albert. I am really confused why everyone is thinking I'm being funny. Sure, I like to laugh and pull the occassional prank but I'm just not funny. I guess I could write a comedy about my mischevious cats cuz they are hilarious to me but I ...

thanks anyway , I guess.