Sunday, January 18, 2009

pray for me you guys

I just got a nice rating on
and though the people are saying that this is satire are disrespecting my lifestyle I'll choose to ignore it. My spiritual mentor and dear friend told me to ignore anyone and anything that displeases me.

I found a copy of psychology today in the laundry room yesterday and some therapist name sue johnson wrote about how she has decided that recent therapists advising about boundaries were all wrong and it has made us all very alienated.

Excuse me? I've been in therapy for 8 years and have mastered boundary setting and now someone comes along this sue johnson and says such a thing. This better not be true or what am I going to do. I had to get rid of all friends and family and make only non toxic friends I met at potlucks and now this. I am in crisis, you guys. This reminds me of the time I had a recovered memory and tried to prosecute an ex lover for rape and it turned out she was really out of town at the time and couldn't have violated me as I'd recalled at my therapist office when she put me under hypnosis. Next they are going to say that vegetables suffer more than cows when eaten and that will really be bad.

Well, I'm going to forgot about that all and keep busy preparing for an inauguration party planned by the sister's collective center of santa cruz. I used to live there and was most pleased to get an e-vite last week.
Sure, I'm dissapointed that Obama is not as liberal as me and doesn't seem to hate this oppressive country as much as I and my friends, but I still need to give my support to him as he is african american.

I've joined and met a really nice womyn and we spent a wonderful evening just braiding eachothers hair and massaging eachother with scented oils. She became pretty upset when I tried to make it more sensual but when she told me about about being an sexual abuse survivor I had to respect that and keep in my rage as she was being quite the tease with her moans. She told me she had a recovered memory of some really sicko stuff. I didn't tell her that my recovered memories turned out to be wrong but I plan to soon as I don't want a false memory to stop me or us from engaging in what I can foresee as some very erotic interplay. She's half american indian and half Latina, and that really turns me on.

Had a really good rosemary and agave rice dish and when I asked my host how she did it she gave me a coy smile and said, "Whole foods." I about burst out laughing. I was sure it was made from scratch. I love you whole foods soooooooooo much. LOL.

Well, you guys I need to go and try to process some of the issues that have arisen by reading that pychology today article . It's making me rethink the toxicity of those I had to let go. I even want to call my ailing mom and I just don't know if I should based on one article. egads. My life coach is out of town for a month and I just feel really really shaky right now.

keep smiling. I sure will be trying to...ugh.


Anonymous said...

please post more. I love this blog. HILARIOUS!

heyzeus said...

Thank you. Please don't remain anonymous.