Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNN put it perfectly: "Peaunut Scare."

oh my god, you guys I am going through withdrawal. As regual readers to my blog may not know due to the fact that my blog hasn't by any means covered all the facets of my mulifaceted and multitasking life-- I love Thai food. So, I am really really feeling the "peanut scare." that is threatening peanuts nationwide etc. Sure, I love PB and J but i can deal, but not feeling safe to order satay or a stellar massaman curry at my local thai haunt is really stressing me.

Other things are stressing me out too. My webmaster alisa was rude with me yesterday when I told her that I would give her a guesstimate about when I'd be able to pay her my overdue webmaster dues. She told me that the word guesstimate was redundant. What gall? Am I right. Isn't that rude? I need to find a boundary with her as the house leader on Sober house(Jennifer giutterez) described it when dealing with those difficult entitled people such as Steven Adler, Amber, Nicky(American idol finalist) Shifty aka Seth etc. Rodney King alone seems not to feel entitled and I am am so rooting for him. The house manager, Jen, called 911 on the aggressively addicted Steven Adler, and that gave me an idea that I will discuss later on in this entry.

Anyway back to my arrogant webmaster and what she did to me.
I was involved in extreme multitasking at the time of her gall, and this caused me to put a stapler in the scanner and a piece of print paper on my lap for no good reason. My schedule became unraveled and so now I am clearly behind schedule. DRATS. LOL.

If alisa this webmaster talks to me or is nasty about payment I will feel afraid and get a restraining order and file stalking charges. I simply can't afford a good lawyer right now and I heard through the grapevine that one can get free lawyering from the government if one so desires. The next time she shows gall I could have a more serious multitasking accident and end up stapling myself or someone else and blood may get shed so I don't find my plan to get the government involved unreasonable. She really needs to not breach my boundary in such a way. Lesbianwise, I find her HOT, and that really is messing with my headspace. What's that about, goddess?

I only planned to blog about my upsetness over the peanut scare but I ended up ranting like an unstable person and hinting at peanut and alcohol addiction. I am so not a ranter you guys but I'm starting to really resent my webmasters entitelment issues. We are all created equal!!!!!!!!!
Alisa, your my shit don't stink and I don't take no shit attitude is grating.
I'll show her.

Enough. Tarra is not an angry person and I don't want readers of my blog to see me in such a cloud of negativity. I'm only aware of 14 hours of each day but I can safely say that I smile 24/7. I think I totally dindn't put enough effort into my mediation this week and I want you guys to know that I take full responsibility for by this lapse of focus.
I probably will delete this after I do some fierce ashtanga and inhale a quinoa and agave laced guava smoothie. All my missing positivitty is just sooooooooooooo wrooooooooooooong. ARGH!

At such stressful and issue intensive times in my journey, I wish I could be overlooking a bluff in Maine instead of being around so many vineyards. As readers of my blog know I live in the most beautiful and progessive wine of cities(Sonoma) in the most queer friendly of locations(NOCAL.)
I'm quite concerned that I've gone to over 24 wine tastings in the last month alone. I tell myself that it's the economy and that free samples are necessary but down deep I gotta admit, you guys, that the economy hasn't effected my e-book career and that my soon to be realeased book, MY TOXIC LADY, when given proper distribution press coverage, word of mouth, and will offer me a liftime of financial stability.
So, I need to look inward as to why I have gone to soooooo many wine tastings over such a short span of time. I certainly don't want to become an addict and all the labels and therapies that would entail. On the TWOP message boards for Sober house(VH1)the messageboarders suggset that being an addict is a very entitled and evil thing to be. Which reminds me of my new idea for a book and how my schedule has been tampered with so by alisa and i just need to really process this all before I can safely blog. Off I go to find clarity so bye, you guys.


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