Monday, January 26, 2009

obesity virus gotta buy more hand sanitizer!

OK, my negativity is in check this time and I won't scare my readers with any forms of rage again. Promise.

My webmaster threatened to sue today if i don't pay her and though she's right in the sense that I haven't paid her in 4 months the way she said it was rude and so I don't think I should pay. She has told me that she will seek what is due her and I'm sooooooooooo scared. I need to get a restraining order.

I'll keep you all posted.

There was a terrible thing on the news today that is sure to spark great fear in more shallow people. There is a virus about that causes obesity. Wierd!
I mentioned my problem with current obesity and how it hasn't affected my way with womyn. In my case I can't imagine how this virus is making me eat heaping portions of comfort food many times a day so I feel sure that I earned this fat and these folds and that makes me feel better. I'm still scared that I'll get the virus and be fat even after I stop eating so muhc.
So glad that lots of comfort food is vegan and that tofu burgers are yummy when drenched in vegan cheeses.

OH no the webmaster has im'ed me and promised to make sure she is paid or else. I've never made an arch enemy so I maybe should just pay. Yikes. My mind is reeling with how much damage she could do to my budding blog and my e-book sales if she decided to seek "justice." I'll just ignore it and hope I'm not underestimating her. I know she's going to pursue some other people who've stiffed her and I've seen her cackle with glee with her family at what they plan to do. Scaaaaaaaaary.

My life coach is on vacation and I'm feeling really anxious to map out my life ASAP. I just wanted to pop in and say hi to you guys and I hope you have a really well prepared meal this evening. I sure will.



teresa white said...

james sent me here. This is hilarious. You should promote more! Thanks for the laughs, girl.

TheClosetKeeper said...

I’m new to this blogspot thing, I’m trying to network and don’t know how to do it other than comment on your blog of similar interest.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the closet keeper, C.K. for short and I live in the closet by day and am out and proud exploring all the lesbian qualities life has to offer by night.

I’ve been blogging the tales from the closet for many years now, and one day it was gone. Deleted forever! I had many blogs on another service that were deleted it was devastating. So, I’m trying this place out and would like to invite you to subscribe and follow my blogs as we seem to have the same mindset on blogs. because I had no way of saving the files (hence the closet) I have had to start all over again from scratch and recompose some of my deepest, darkest, dirtiest, and sensual sexual adventures just to recreate myself in this blogging world.

If you were a subscriber before, thanks for following, if not stop by and see if my tales from the closet would be something you’d enjoy or tell friends about…



Anonymous said...

woah! i just stumbled onto your blog and i'm blown away. you're writing is brilliant and really fills a void that currently exists in the blogosphere. genius... i'm forwarding 'my toxic lady' to all of my friends. keep up the awesome work.
cheers -

Anonymous said...

this is rad - please write some more...

heyzeus said...

Eyvonne, may I ask you how you stumbled upon my blog?

Either way, thanks so much!

heyzeus said...


Where are you?


heyzeus said...

Hello the Closetkeeper and the lovely person who called my blog "rad." I love you both.

And to the Closetkeeper, very sorry about your blog going missing. Where did it go and how can it be found? Your blog is very racy and I plan to write some very filthy tales of my tantric adventures the minute I get a chance. I also plan to share my often awkward yet hilarious moments trying to master the kama sutra with a toxic lady.