Saturday, March 7, 2009

eyevonne et al. hugs to you!!!

Well Well Well, I had come to the conclusion that I was too emotionally fragile as of late to handle a blog that is largely ignored by straights and gays alike. But, a comment by eyvonne and some other anonymous supportive individuals have really brightened by ever shifting perspective and reinstated my committment to remain positive at all times. I'm not getting why people think this blog about my journey as a rising e-book authoress of Love in the Time of IBS and My toxic lady and my experiences living in this oppressive country as a vegan womyn loving womyn is satire but I just don't know how to counter that misconsception and so I'll just process it to the best of my abilities and hope in comes out in the wash. LOL.

I met a new and wonderful womyn and my gay church and despite her fibromayalgia and her admission of baggage which consists of much sex wih penised persons I'm trying to establish a sensual relationship. She has a hot tub and a fridge full of vegan goodies and she has some american indian blood so we'll see, you guys.

Last tuesday, she and I, went for an amazing lunch in Tiburon called the nested egg. I knew we were in a good place when I saw that all the diners there were wearing health sandals and had beatific expressions. It started off with a cumin laced aragula wrap and culminated with a generous portion of seared tofu rosemary pancetta. The new lady I mentioned who is named Molly ordered a pine nute misto soup and a imitation crab lavash wrap. I think we both said YUMMO about 100 times and Rachel ray would have a laugh(I'm part British as I've mentioned) I know some people get judgemenal about Rachel Ray and even say that Extra Virgin Olive oil is not such a mouthful that it demands an acronym. While I try to stay open minded about such controversies I must admit that I adore acronyms and that I think that ultimately they save me time and that I utilized that time effectively. Plus, Ms. Ray is as cute as button and has been approved by that african american godess, Oprah. Damn, that Oprah has been invaluable to so many journeys and her fearless battle of her bulge really turns me on.

Yikes. I've been babbling. I've just polished off a cordon bluet 1964 bottle of zinfandel from Spain, and I'm feeling both awesome and tentative as I blog an share by private musings and such in such a public forum when frankly I am buzzed.

I really feel that this blog should be more proactive in supporting one of my dearest passions and that is to end global warning and to promote the availablity of gourmet foods to the indigent. I also plan to support my webmaster, alisa, in her pursuit of justice against a cabal of loser comedians acting at the behest of the truly evil Mathilde "Tig" Notaro. Ms. Notaro has many so many poor choices and she can't imagine what she and her sadsack cronies, and her sloppy and crazy lawyer, Alison Sievers have gotten themselves into.

Argh... almost forgot, I'm writing a new book btw and it's going to be a guide to avoiding common multitasking accidents. As I mentioned I've had my share but just yesterday when I was texting , iming, and faxing at the same time and I talked smack to jen instead of texting that to jillian and then iming a Hey there bill" to my friend cami, I knew there exists a market for such a book. I know I know karma for talking smack in the first place. Mea Culpa. Whatever.
I'll keep you all posted and try to touch base with you when this e-book is ready for downloading.
So, eyevonne, thanks soooooooo much for writing and you've name is very beautiful and I'd be most pleased( I'm part british btw)if you forwarded to your friends.



s engelmohr said...

You go, and free speech for everyone

Anonymous said...

cracking the hell up.... you are awesome. friend forwarded this to me. love your blog. and i'm not a big blog reader. keep it up.

heyzeus said...

Hey anonymous, thanks so much. I will blog more just for you. I want to share some details of my novels with you. Keep reading and you will be rewarded in the afterlife, I am sure of it.