Tuesday, March 10, 2009

homemade wraps at storemade prices!

I just can't resist the temptation. ARGGGGGGGGGGH. I even played about with my template and font I'm so invested. TEll me what you think, you guys, when you can make the time(of course)
Thank goodness I at the last minute called the courthouse to reconfirm because it turns out that the Clara Folz courthouse is actually in L.A and I'm in the Napa Valley region as mentioned previously. So though I often am accused of not "getting" irony I sure got it that it was wierd that without my life coach to tell me when and where I get it all messed up even when testifying against her in a court of law.
It also turns out that the court date is Thursday so all this time rather than sharing more with you all I've been just stressing about having to get to L.A by then. Turns out my webmaster lives there and she will put me up if I help her fill out all her subpeonas. Long story and I'll link you to her blog when the time is ripe because frankly I don't want to get into the drama and negativity at the moment.

The good news is that I ended up making a ton of cilantro wraps and have frozen them and might even try to sell them at our local farmers market. Despite my affluence, a little extra money never hurts. I'm been thinking of joining a baking collective with my friend Abbey for some time and though she bakes a mean muffin and the other womyn all specialize in different pastries I can envision that if I can invest good money they will let me join and we can add salty treats to the menu.

Gotta run! My webmaster is on the phone and she can always tell when I'm losing focus with her because of multitasking. Bye for now. Hope I don't regret posting this as I am feeling very ... hectic. ;)


Ann said...

Bonsoir Madamoiselle Toxique,
Is your new theme inspired by your cilantro wraps? Are they as toxic as your nom de plume? Sorry for being so European and intellectual, you know how it goes over here, c'est la vie. By the way, you left a comment on my blog to come and follow you here, but did you read any of the content? If you write something about the content I can publish the message and give your blog a little of the je ne sais quoi from this side of the pond...

Tarra Slovan said...


Bon soir and Bon nuit,depending. I am a but an american with all that entails and yet I surely know your sexy french references and I know hungarian references for that matter. I clicked on you, Ann, and it wont' let me in so I can't reassure you as to the content etc.
As a discerning aloof I imagine if I commented on your content it must have been sublime, so please let me access it again to reconfirm as my memory is shot due to intense absurdities. Would you like some cilantro wraps? I have three that I can give you for the price of one as I have taken a fancy(as they say on your side of the pond)and am willing to take a loss. They are very nice(as they say on the the part of the pond that is also called England but if you are french my apologies)and they stay fresh for days even when left in the car.

please get back to me with a link to your blog that works. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to a profusion of back and forth comments with you... or not.