Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So glad that Mellissa is on dancing with the stars and will heal faster that way

Oh my god, you guys. I think ever since I got that rash of feedback I've been addicted to blogging. " My name is Tarra and I'm a blogoholic. But, seriously, you guys, I hopped out of my bed and literally came straight to my home office(where my puter is btw) and wanted to share with you my thoughts and feelings. I'll admit when I started this blog it was mainly to promote my works of fiction and possible non fiction and erotica but as time has progressed and a small, mostly anonymous, but significant readership has been established I've come to feel that blogging is now a passion. So, Tarra is now a chocoholic blogoholic ROTFL. I mentioned my struggle with excessive wine tastings and my lack of control regarding my erotic impulses in a previous blog so now I'm a sex addict alcoholoic chocoholic blogoholic. I would literally be rolling on the floor laughing if I didn't get so heavy and the neighbors downstairs weren't so uptight. Plus, my non violent pitbull has been showing signs of aggression as of late when I or others make jarring moves so it's best I stay seated. ROFL.

See, Alisa(my judgemental webmaster-- to those who only skim my blog cuz they're lazy asses LOL) I do have a sense of humor. I don't want to get into how alisa doesn't see my good qualities now, so I won't.

Anyhoo, I woke up after a temptestous sleep and had these fun observations or epiphanies or whatnot.
1- Slim chance and fat chance mean the same thing
2-Buttons are not cute and I won't be using that in my lexicon from now on when referring to things that strike my cute cord.

Well, that's about it. My life coach is being arraigned at the Clara Folz building today and I need to be downtown at the unholy hour of 8:30 A.M, and try to start a support group with all the searching womyn who were essentially ripped off by her and left to navigate their lives unassisted.

I doubt the criminal court building has gourmet goodies so I'll either pack my own homemade cilantro wrap with cranberry and houmuss inside (whole foods has it on sale! BOGO!), or I'll make due with a cafeteria side salad and bring my own bistro bought dressing etc.

With my life coach facing criminal charges,I haven't been able to calender quite as well and time maintenance has been iffy at best. My former life coach strongly insinuated that blogging wasn't time and cost effective and thank goddess she was found out as I was set to take down this blog altogether. My next life coach will have to undergo and extensive criminal background check
and be supportive of my needs to reach out to my fans and friends in this manner.

I also better bring an antioxodant rich beverage as I can't help but fear that those coming from jail are rife with oxidants. I don't mean that to sound mean or judgemental but I don't doubt that the racist classist system doesn't furnish them with the degree of hygeine that us affluent progressives have enjoyed. I plan to blog about that soon.

My identity, knock on wood, appears to be unstolen. I wonder why she stole so many and not mine. Kind of insulting, actually.

So, you guys if the court is equipped with wifi and or doesn't make me turn off my phone I'll either post here or twitter on a thrice hourly basis and tell you what's up.

Have an amazing day and SMILE.

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