Monday, March 9, 2009

My novels and such

Here's a synopsis of my soon to be bestselling novel "my toxic lady." And then there are fan reviews of both my novels below. Readers of this blog are aware than I am by no means a one trick pony.
Please, take a peek when you can. I had to edit this post as I saw a typo that was very much altering the meaning of my ..meaning.
But now I'm just going on ,so without further adios as the Hispanics or Herspanics say(LOL)I want to introduce new fans such as Eyvonne(I do love you girl) and Nate(hey) to my work and I even may send them a coupon for the palegrim http:/ if they buy 25 copies each.

All my works can be purchased by clicking on this link. http:/
I do accept paypal and always appreciate non judgemental comments. I will immediately delete those I deem inappropriate. All my books come wrapped in a piece of cloth and are shipped without any trace of plastic or styrofoam whether stored in my home office or en route to your home. Or of course you can download it an read it on your kindle/
I'm got to admit, you guys, I'm a strictly head propped on (imitation) down pillow and comfy cozy in bed kind of reader and I have yet to polish off a book by strictly using kindle. My kindle is literally gathering dust as we speak.

Syonpsis of my Toxic Lady:

It is about a BSD who gets poisoned by a BPD and is hospitalized . The BSD takes lots of antioxidants(fruits, veggies, vitamins) but can't get rid of the restless leg syndrome (RLS) brought on by the poisoning.

The BSD goes to a therapist and she thinks she's making progress until she learns that the therapist is most probably a narcissist or NDD.

She ends up meeting a freudian who has OCD and they are okay together, though she sometimes yearns for the BPD and her awesome tats and her impulsive shows of affection.

She soon realizes that she is damaged and must must enter some kind of recovery program that will help release her from this damaged state. She finds a center that deals with her issues with a fair amount of certitude , and begins her journey of recovery in a supportive group home in Ocala Florida.

Advance fan reviews of my toxic lady:

Great read and inspired me to finally let loose my toxic lady.

Fan review of Love in the time of IBS from ladylover zine:

Tarra Sloven! I love her. She also wrote a book called " Love in the time of IBS' It's kind of like love in the time of cholera," but Sloven is lesbian unlike Marquez, and her concern in this work is with disorders of the bowel. Anyhow, it's a great read .
My lady is a BBW into the BSDM lifestyle, and is lactose intolerant(TO BOOT!)
The book is about a midwife who realizes she's a lesbian after she starts to tingle down there at the sight of Rachel Maddow.
So, after unsuccessfully stalking Maddow she meets a real live lesbian at a Vegan symposium conference in Vegas. This real life lesbian is a raven haired probioticist and hotter than hell. They go on this lusty wine tasting odyssey through Napa --until they both contract bowel problems. It's romp, essentially.

The novel made me realize that me and my lady needed 2 bathrooms to make our relationship work. Cheers and thanks for sharing your work with the world.

Kaya Benson


Anonymous said...

is this book published ??? sounds really clever and hysterical !

Tarra Slovan said...

Hi there,

It's been e-published and was supposed to be widely read by now. Since it contains too many scenes of hardcore erotica interlaced with spirituality it hasn't been approved by the closeted oprah and so it isn't a big hit... yet.

Tarra Slovan said...

I figured I should try to resume communication with my missing commentators who have asked me questions and then when I answer they just ... I don't... know... where do they go.... and who are they?

So, mr or ms. blogtease, show thyself!!!!!!!!!!!!