Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jason Mesnick, not cool!

Might as well share my thoughts as I now feel sure I have passionate readers. I am typing through tears you guys as I just found out that my life coach is a convicted felon who conned over 100 searching individuals and left their lives much worse than it was-- by far. She is on the run as we "speak."
I should have suspected something when she kept insisting that I go jogging everyday before breakfast even after i told her i have shin splints on many occasions. She also tried to pretend( I see now) to want to explore my life through numerology and wanted to utilize my social security number as an exemplar . As it stands, I think she stole my identity and I have to take measures to regain it. Greatttttttttt!

I try to be an understanding person and want to just believe that she has major issues but at the same time I hope she rots in prison and gets killed by a shank.

My non violent pit bull has been a great help and I'm seriously thinking that he is the only one I can trust. Wow. That's negative.

Damn, what am I becoming? I live in the most queer friendly and aesthetically pleasing place in America and I just learned how to bake my own bread and here I am bitching and moaning like some person who is not being a good influence on the blogosphere.
I think my life coach stole my scrapbooks as well and I'm really quite at the end of my rope. Please, don't judge me on this post but rather recognize that Tarra is not perfect nor has she ever claimed to be.

I've been texting these thoughts and other details of my daily movements on Twitter and that has helped. I feel like I need to branch out and join all the social networking sites but so far Twitter and it's capacity to have me share my moments in a on the go way via phone has been satisfying. If anyone out there, Yoo hoo!, is aware of a trustworthy life coach please touch base with me ASAP.

As an aside I would like to add that Jason Mesnick is a low down dirty dog and I want to shout out to Mellissa and give her my support as she deals with the reality of sociopathy vis a vi reality tv. I said it! Jason Mesnick, shame on you, and I plan to boycott the bachelor and the bacholerette as you all should especially if you are one of those neilsen people that I've heard of but never met. Please please don't support the Molly and Jason union or the show!

I'm spent. I want to add some neat visuals to this blog-- pics of my former life partners, toxic people I've loved and lost, and my non violent pit bull and kitties but I just need to heal right now and I hope you all understand.


Anonymous said...

Nate Smith said...

Oh man, that was hilarious. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be, but it was. I especially loved the part where you asked if anyone knew of any good life coaches. Classic.

Please keep writing these.

Nate Smith

Tarra Slovan said...

Hi Nate,

I went to your site and tried to post this there but it wouldn't let me and insisted I wasn't putting my name.

So here is what I posted on your site.

Hi Nate Smith,
Dropping by to say hi and thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Between me and you... Shhh. My blog is meant to be funny but since I try to stay in the character of an earnest and unfunny womyn we got to keep it on the down low. Great blog you have here, I favorited it and plan to visit often.

Thanks again,