Friday, March 27, 2009

Please say no to gift cards

Just when I want to throw the towel in on this blog that doesn't seem to have captured national attention, I get such a supportive and nurturing comment from Tina. Tina appears to be a kind and caring blogger and I so appreciate her stance regarding Bernie Madoff. Bernie, as I knew him, was a wine loving epicurious cutie and I am very very dissapointed in myself for not diagnosing him with the personality disorders that seem now so darned obvious and which essentially have robbed me of my lifestyle for the time being.

if I don't start figuring out ways to preserve it, I will be in deep doo doo. LOL.

According to my dog eared DSM- Bernie is a histrionic narcissist with underlying borderline and mendacity oriented avoidance characteristics. My now dead dog had those symptoms too expect he wasn't mendacious, and I also did not pick up on it. I am feeling very very unsure, in general.

So, my lifestyle is threatened that's for sure and I had a nightmare last night that I was forced to eat Fritos, proccessed cheese, and carbonated soda pop to survive. I woke up and glanced at my half filled gourmet fridge and I cried.

It appears that many are suffering in this economy and I sure don't want anyone to think that Tarra thinks "it's all about her" but I can't help but suffer silently about the possibility that I can't get the majority of my nutrition from Whole Foods and local farmers markets. The emphasis on a wholeness approach and the workforce needed at those establishements to assure inorganic exlusion forces them to charge prices that I used to not have to consider.

I was so down and out yesterday when my budget forced myself to go to Albertsons. People at the checkout line were disgusting. They were all clearly asked if plastic is ok and they didn't so much as appear to participate in any internal debate before saying yes. I kept patting my cloth bag and coughing to call attention to their ability to say NO. JUST NO!. But, they didn't seem to notice and off they went with literally alltogheter hundred of plastic bags going off to pollute and destroy for generations to come. I then noticed a gift card assortment by the checkout and was tempted to buy a Borders gift card as it gives back to the community but then it hit me like a brick that gift cards are plastic too and that all the work me and my friends have done to discourage plastic bag usage is being undermined by gift cards and again I cried and didn't get the gift card. I think at this point I'm all cried out but I doubt it, you guys.

I've come to see that Cassidy Rae, my pooch who was killed by the government very recently, was my soulmate in some sense and I miss him dearly. At the same time, I'm happy he didn't have to see his beloved mama having to go through this agonizing period of her journey.

See, I'm not all cried out. I'm weeping as I type and if I don't go soon I'll need a new top shelf keyboard and it will break me financially, so I just need to go and pop some Kava Kavas and pray that my higher power sees how unjust he's being. bye.

Keep smiling. Keep breathing. Keep eating fresh food.


Anonymous said...

You are so fucking funny. Keep it up. AMAZING.

Tarra Slovan said...

gee, thanks.

My hit counter is dead and so I'm going to move my blog as I need to know how many hits etc.

thanks so much and a hearty namaste to you!

Tarra Slovan said...

thank you anonymous please don't be a stranger to my new blog.