Tuesday, April 21, 2009

bad smells and such

More insipid than inspired today but I figure I'll give it a whirl and hope some great recipe or dining experience comes to mind and lures back my loyal readership. I've had to add a hit counter and I see that someone has been here. Yoo hoo. reveal yourselves!
I also see that I have to put up a new hit counter every once in awhile or I have to scroll and scroll and despite how carpal tunnel syndrome has not been in the news as of late, I'm sure its a very real ailment and I'd like to avoid it, thank you very much.

So as you can see the hit counter alone is taking up all the free time in which I could be doing more productive things.

When I find out who messed with my counter there will be such hell to pay. LOL.

I'm off to Los Angeles today to stay with my webmistress, Alisa, and her tooooooo close sibling and mom and I plan to blog up a storm just to release the tension whence I get there. There's a hole in the wall but funky cute precious Abbots Habit in west hollywood now, thank godess.
I lived in Venice before moving to NOCAL and I became addicted to their lattes and scones and the funky bohemian vibe that permeated that oasis like the java bean smell permeating the .... I am trying to write more poetically and It's just not coming...

anyhow, I practically made in my home away from home back then and if you couldn't find Tarra walking her baby pit bull(RIP) or typing out her newest e-book you could find her at the Venice Abbot's Habit with the other displaced bohos who saW through the plastic bullshit of Hell- AY.

And the place made such sense as it was on Abbot Kinney boulevard and it was habit forming. Hee Hee.

But, near where my webmistress lives it just ... it just ... I don't want to complain but it just is not a home away from home type of place. It is strictly a place to GRAB a coffee and scone or muffin or Croissant and to try to pretend that the traffic and lowerscale sunset strip is a funky beach town where those with my kind of bohemian sensibility would nestle. It's on the border between Hollywood and West Hollwood too and I will go into that in a later post. Please, pay attention to the chronology etc.

Ao, I was at the Hollywood or West Hollywood Abbots Habit two weeks ago at 7 a.m and I saw one older lady who ordered a latte to go and one younger man who asked the non bohemian looking counter person for two packs of sugar, nothing else. I felt a dash of hope when I saw that the young man had long sun bleached hair and try to pretend that I was at the classic Abbot's habit in Venice beach and I practically could smell the salt air before I smelled the young man-- He smelled as any person would, I suppose, who is unhoused for long periods of time or stays at shelters etc.
More hobo than boho. ROFL. Hobo actually makes them sound much less harmless than these folks seem. There is reason that the modern world required more menacing terms than hobo for such unfortunate folk-- but as a progresssive womyn I call them "transients' Or the "homeless" and I don't judge.

Then, I gave up on sitting at the small patio facing steady traffic, of this Hollywood non habit place, and on the walk back to Alisa's I was asked for money and a cigarette over 3 times . I nearly glared as I hate cigarette smoke and smokers and I have my own fiscal issues and don't need to feel guilty especially when I am staying at Alisa's dump and having to dread the afternoon when the astroburger starts up their grills and the smell of dead and inartfully cooked cow, depending on the santa ana winds, may waft right into my nose and make me gag. There are so many bad smells in this world that I just wish an aromatherapy candle could be lit for ever inch of the earth. I'll try to start a grassroots project when I get the chance.

I'm having a sensory flashback and the astroburger stench has nearly made me faint. I need to go....



erin said...

Love it. Keep it up. PLEEZE.

Tarra Slovan said...

Hello Erin,

Truth be told after I'd open up my guts so and showed all my efforts so transparently that I was desirous of a runaway success blog I began to have doubts.

but, I will take your support as a sign and keep going. Do you have a blog, erin?

butterfly kisses,