Monday, April 20, 2009

susan boyle and rosie oddonnel

Hi you guys,

So great to be back at my old blog and be able to see how many viewers I have at any given time. It seems that more challenges threaten my sanity. LOL. AS my new hit counter is now far down and I will need to reinstall a new one. That is just one task too many, I fear, but it'll get done.

Who in gods name would be so low as to mess with a hit counter of a blog. Paranoia is a daily visitor.

Been contemplating a raw foods diet after a saw a very large lady get very slim on one on the Charles Osgood show. I don't even want to deal with being told that I qualify for having to pay for two seats at this point and so I'm not going to get into being happy about my fatness and just try to lose it.

Well,to keep my promise to my readership, slight and silent as they may be, I will report my take on current matters that are either called to my attention or get my attention with no effort on my part.

Today I somehow saw that Rosie O'Donnel was in trouble for what she said about Susan Boyle, And what she said supposedly is , "Here's Miss freak, and she's fat and ugly and blah blah blah."

Well, Rosie like Garofolo is certaintly outspoken about leftist opinions and so I say this with love:

what a vicious fat bitch. Firstly, Ms. Susan Boyle is not ugly and she is not freaky and she's not even particularly fat.

She is decent looking to plain and I don't get anyone seeing her as ugly. Rosie really is a pistol but she needs just focus on her kids or something more and stop trying to get the internet buzzing about her latest non bon mot.
Even though Alisa my webmistress is now on my poo list once again I think she captures the phenoma quite nicely in her "poem" down below.

As for my opinion on why Susan Boyle has captured the public's imagination in such a way. I don't have one but this article I read in Byway magazine.

summed it up pretty well.

"It's a mix of so many things that all came together and all the expected became what "could be expected" in a magical moment. The editor of that clip deserves credit too. But, when it comes down to it, Susan Boyle is one in a zillion. Her talent is a great rarity. People just aren't blessed with voices like that . Her looks on the other hand are very average and the sleekness or svelteness or even major fatness like with opera singers isn't there and she's just so very Scottish village average and then out of her non angelina jolie kind of lips comes magic, god, or something the day old day old doesn't provide us. Couple that with our current culture's acceptance of adult bullying as seen on these talent shows and the vibe of cruelty and baseness in the air of that studio-- audience and judges alike-- and then in that first note of Susan Boyle came a rousing, and a realization so deep and yet so immediate that a crazy and new kind of poetry occurred.

One of the essential elements of a tragic figure is that this so called tragic figure had much to give and for reasons known and unknown he was not able to do so. More recognition than fame. And, there is something about buried talent and beauty that the world at large somehow has not become privvy to that sticks in the proverbial craw and really hurts.

Nowadays, we don't offer recognition to our geniuses and giants but we do offer fame to Kim Kardashian and Bret Micheals. No famous philosophers or poets sneak onto CNN at all and there is just no glory given to great talent or great thinkers and writers anymore. Susan Boyle comes along and she is great-- really great--, and we know down deep that this stupid world deprived her of the recognition that seems natural in such instances of rare beauty. And, all of the components came together in that, I bet, chilly British studio. Then add the song choice and the lyrics, " So different from this hell I'm living."
And knowing she sang that sound came from further down that her voicebox-- and that midway crescendo and at that point everyone but the wicked was rooting for her to go up up up up and she did did did and it was just something else and really gorgeous and like the great line from Tennessee Williams, " So suddenly god." Becasue despite our desire to look cool and uncorny sometimes thinks are really stunning and beautiful without being cheaply sentimental. And, we all want to believe desperately in magic and god and angels despite what some may say and sometimes we see a glimpse and it is sublime. In our modern world, who knows why, but in our modern world, those glimpses into the glorious seem so hard to find."

Alisa my webmisstress said it struck has like Willie Wonka and simon looked like charlie did when he first saw the chocolate factory. Kind of, no?

I'll try to get more of that article when time permits.


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