Thursday, April 30, 2009


More traffic, less comments is what is going on with blog. Is everyone too frightened by swine flu or is it just that time of the year where people aren't chatty?

The lively debate I'd anticipated has not materialized, and I am Dissapointed. I hope you all feel bad for that as I really have done much to stir lively debate.

Whatever. I'm starting to think of Cyberspace as the Abyss and I'm just grateful that it lets me type to it. In my day, the void and or the abyss did not allow two way communications.

Before the cyberspace and 24 hours news, we all would have to wait a half hour of news with Ernie Anastos or Sue Simmons(NY news people) to tell me about the swine flu I have made an effort to comment on many blogs and yet I fear those people are either away from the computer or have passed and I'll never get a trackback.

I just felt such a yearning for Sue simmons and Ernie Anastos and the days of yore where once the rotary phone was placed in it's cradle that was that for communication --once you left the house.

I have made it more than clear that I'm progressive but I can't help but yearn for it all go away.

Soon I will link you to a blog of rants that might help in such situations


Jon said...

You mentioned some theories of comedy? I would love to hear your take on the subject.

Tarra Slovan said...

It's hatching as we speak, Jon.