Friday, May 1, 2009

musical swines

Jon left me a comment but he also opened up the floodgates to me writing the longest blog post in history about my theory on comedy, so I don't know what to do.

I wonder if before books there was the pressure to keep it breif-- or if after the bible ---anyone who didn't come up with something equally as impressive just didn't even bother.

One doesn't picture ancient or even midievel man as reading magazines. Or maybe one does and one shouldn't deign to talk for "one."

What do you say readers? When did magazines start up?

anywhow, the swine is still getting a bad rap and being blamed for death as opposed to just being insulted as lazy and fat and "piggish." So, as a way to humanize the pig in his time of need I will add the genius pig art of lauren spitzberg . She gets my vote as a loyal friend to these reviled and often eaten animals. Her humanizing of the pig as this time seems very neccessary.


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Tarra Slovan said...

thank you. I suspect this is Korey but maybe I have more than one viewer. A girl can dream.


armen said...

Pig Power. I love it. Awesome blog.