Tuesday, April 28, 2009

dances with the stars.

So... It's time for my blog readership to hear my take on the Dances with Stars Judges.

Carrie anne Inabba- That's kind of a funny story, actually. Because for the last time I thought her name was Carie And Arbor. Then, I though it was Carrie anne arbor(like the michigan city) and then I thought it was Carrie anne abba. So, I thought it there was a middle name and there wasn't. LOL etc.

Leonard the old fellow- very nice, nothing but good things to say and he knows he paso diablo.

Bruno- Alisa likes him and she enjoys that he makes no sense nor does he really try to. I differ as per with her and think he is WIERD and AGGRESSIVE.

The host - Tom Bergeron.

I don't for a moment doubt that he hits the bottle more than he should. Why? I just see it that way. No judgement at this time. Alisa and her sister say it's because he's alienated as he is too smart for his environment but I see dependancy issues.

Alisa and her sister can't get over how subversive the humor on the show is. I myself don't get the jokes they make but I still laugh as if I do because I'm a guest.

Ok, that is too long again so I'm going to post as I wait for the results of dancing with the stars.

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