Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dancing with the stars AND American Idol reviews!!!!!!!!!

I am bloggin live again to drum up excitement and let's hope the twelfth time is the charm.

During the commercial break I shall try not to discuss the commercials and just jot down my american idol observations as I have promised. I will include those observations of the company I am in when appropriate.

Kris A. Nice boy. Wish him well. Didn't enjoy his performance at all. Lovely boy and will never not get lovemaking from ladies if that is what he wants.

The 16 year girl- Meh. As discussed, I've heard my fill of Whisky voices. Alisa and her family love this girls personality though and think she is "special." They just went off on some wierdo appreciation for this "sweet girl."

Adam-- great. Great. Kinky. Mixture of wholesome and decadent. A star but smart enough to know about humbleness. Great but as I told a dear friend of mine by the anme of "Dude," Susan Boyle spoiled them all for me.

Matt Giruad-- Just doesn't do anything for me but I know he has greatness in him and I just find him adorable as do my webmistress's family and her and he would seem like a nice son to have.

The lederboard has spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck and Jillian!!! Gotta run and process this.

When i return I will begin my more cohesively themed blog.

nighty night,

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